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What The Hell Do I Know About Blogging | Learn How To Blog Site

What The Hell Do I Know About Blogging

I have been blogging for three years (not with this blog) but with many blogs. So what the hell do I know about blogging? Over the last year I have learnt more about blogging than I thought would ever be possible.

Learning About Blogging

Everyday I learn something new about Blogging. From SEO, to how to get more comments, to connecting with like minded people and to finding my Blogging Brand Voice.

Since I have worked out what I want to write about, and since I have worked out how to ask exactly for what I want things have changed with my blogs.

Making money with blogs

 Its a matter of being clear about what you want, and writing it all down…so that it can come true.

Well it must be working because I am seven days away from flying to Melbourne to Visit World Vision, going down with our Family Blog – New Life on the Road. I have accommodation set up with the most amazing hotel, a hire car sorted and even a ticket to Digital Parents Conference which is on the Friday.

These are all things that I have thought about, talked about, asked about, wanted to happen and now they are.

Sometimes in life we get what we want, and we get what we think about. So be very careful with your thoughts. Thoughts become actions, and words become true.

What the Hell Do I Know About Blogging

There are many times I could have quit my blogging journey. But yet I kept on going. It was through being very clear with what I wanted to happen for our family, having a WHY bigger than me, and seeking a way for it to all work (and come together).

What The Hell Do I Know About Blogging – 7 Must Do’s :-

1.  Be True To Yourself.

2. Write about what you know, and be kind to yourself. At first you are going to make a lot of mistakes online with your blog, but that is the fun part of blogging!

3. Find others that you can connect with, and link up with them – connect on twitter, facebook, youtube and on your blog.

4.  Have a reason why. So that when you come up against a brick wall you can get over it and keep on going.

5.  Work out what does work for you – many bloggers have found their own way online. Its good to see what they are doing, and to follow them, but work out what works for you (or doesnt work!)

6.  Be Consistent. You need to turn up – you need to blog on a regular basis.

7.  Do research. Read about blogging, follow successful bloggers…listen to the successful mindsets of those that are making money online!

There is so much that blogging has brought to our family.

Dreamworld and White water world

What our blogs give our family

Our Family Visiting Dreamworld

Skydiving with Skydivers Ramblers on the Sunshine Coast

Topshots at Maroochydore

Trips to Melbourne

All about blogging

Visiting the Beaches of Melbourne.

Movie World, Wet n Wild and Sea World.

There is still so much for me to learn, so much for me to work out, and so much that I cant wait to discover.

What The Hell Do You Know About Blogging? Share what blogging has taught you!



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