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What Did I Learn From Digital Parents Conference 2012 | Learn How To Blog Site

What Did I Learn From Digital Parents Conference 2012

This is so long over due…after attending the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne I have been full on with my life and moving north! Actually David (hubby) forgot to tell me, or was that he kept it a secret, to the actually date of when we were leaving the Sunshine Coast until the day before we were due to leave!

Digital Parents Conference 2012

It was my first time to Digital Parents Conference 2012, and I so hope it will not be my last time! I loved every minute – from meeting new bloggers that I am now following, to meeting up face2face with bloggers that I have been following but have never meet before. If you are a blogger than you so need to get a ticket to next year event (not yet as they are yet to organise next year event!)

Working with Brands

How Cute Is This Car~

Did you read about how Alpha Hire Car Company provided this while I was in Melbourne!

So What Did I Learn From Digitial Parents?

We started the event off with Speed Dating – which felt so weird! I actually dont have any business cards made up so I wasnt able to share our blogs around – will be getting some made up asap! Speed dating Blogging Syle – means that you have so many minutes to find out who you are talking to and what they blog about. Perfect way to start Digital Parents Conference 2012 off with a big bang! Actually when it was time to sit back down in our chairs, most of the bloggers were still too busy talking to be able to return to seats!

Then it was the Social media for Social Good topic, as the first topic for the day event. Where we got to hear from the amazing Darren Rowse from Problogger, Richenda Vermeulen from World Vision Australia, and a few other bloggers – they all talked about how they are able to make a difference in the world via their own blogs/and beliefs!

blogging for social good

Putting This Blog To Social Good ~

Have you thought about sponsoring a child? Please do so with World Vision Australia :)

Looking through my notes from the day – I remember the one thing that I took from the Social Good Topic was making sure you had the guidelines from the company you are helping out so that the right thing is always shared! No need to write about something that is going to land you in hot water :)

Next Up Was Blog to Book

That is one topic I so wanted to hear about as I would love to have a book written from our New Life on the Road Blog but not sure how I could go about writing one! What spun me out was how the bloggers that were sharing their story (of writing a book from their blog) was contacted to write the book – they did not have to go in search of a publisher…YEP they were asked to write a book and have it published – MY DREAM come true moments.

Digital Parents and World Vision events

Nothing To Do With Blogging ~

Went for a Walk at St Kilda in Melbourne and discovered this building ~

I love exploring new places – have you thought about doing that with blogging?

Looking though my notes from the day – I found out that you need to have a Marketing Plan organised to promote your book becuase without a plan then your book will not sell. Yes you have a publisher/or self publish but you also need to know how to go about selling your book so that it is successful/

Working With Brands Was Straight After Lunch

Did you know that in your Digital Parents Conference Ticket you actually have lunch provided? Never realised until I got there! And gee the food was yummy….oh where was I ? Oh yes – Working With Brands information.

I was keen to hear about how to work with Brands because I have started to work with a few big companies and I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right thing (by them and by my readers!) – In that one session I learnt more than I thought possible….

World Vision and digital Parents Conference

Novotel St Kilda ~

Magical place to stay while I was Down For The World Vision Information Day ~

And Digital Parents Conference!

Little Bits of information that is their weight in gold – for example if you were to work with a brand for your blog (as a product review or giveaway) then you need to have your stats handy (that means :: how many visitors come to your blog!), have your facebook page “Likes” numbers, twitter followers, and also provide a reason why you would like to work with the Brand Company.

Digital Parents Conference Big Brand companies

Hallmark Cards ~

One of the Big Brand Companies that was at the Digital Parents Conference 2012 ~

and who added a gorgeous gift to a huge goodie bag!

For Example (this is my example that I am creating so you can understand what I learnt on the day!)- if you blog about staying fit n healthy and you would like a exercise company to work with your blog, then start up a campaign of “Staying Fit While Walking To Work” blog series…and each week add different reasons why you think walking is healthy for the body/mind and what shoes you need for comfortable walking. That way you can look at different types of shoes, and exercise gear (clothes) – that there is your ”
campaign pitch” to a Big Brand Company – something like Reebok, or Bodyworx!!

Want To Know What Was The Next Session For The Day?

Perfect….come back tomorrow where I share more about “What Did I Learn From Digital Parents Conference 2012

In the Mean time – why not read up on How To Set Up A Blog



Learn How To Blog Site.

PS:- Not a part of Digital Parents as yet? Then jump on over to Digital Parents and say hi!


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