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What Blogging Has Taught Me | Learn How To Blog Site

What Blogging Has Taught Me

Blogging is like a game. You either roll with the punches, or you give up and get off line. Lately I have seen some blogs (read some blogs!) where I have thought “What The Hell Are They Writing That S**t For?) and I have stopped reading some blogs – plus I have found more blogs.

What Blogging Has Taught Me!

Blogging Is Like A Best Friend – You Have to Love It No Matter What

Blogging is not for the faint hearted. If you put in the hard yards, and you take the time to know what you want from your blog then you will succeed and stay online. But if you think that you can put up your blog one day, and be making money the very next day, then you are in for a huge shock!

You Have Got To Have Balls

There is no two ways about it – you must have balls to stay online! Something that I am working on every day – not having balls – but being tough enough to keep on going. It’s a mindset thing – you will soon work out that your head starts to play games with you! Funny how they say school exams are hard – I reckon that is a piece of cake compared to the Blogging World.

Why Are Some Blogs Accepted?

I was never into the “In Crowd” at school - I went to an all girls hi-school so I didnt get what all the fuss was about…why were some girls popular and others not so popular. I never fit into any crowd. Online I am the same.

I don’t understand Twitter.

I don’t get how to connect with others, and follow each others conversations back and forward.

Learning about blogging

Blogging Has Taught Me So Much ~

About who I am and what I want from life!

I don’t get why some blogs are so popular and other blogs are good but have no followers? What is with that?

Is it the more outspoken, the more different colourful language that gets the readers following you big time…is that what it takes to make it into the big online world?

Then gee I sux at this Blogging Game.

I hate to cause any trouble – sometimes it finds me no matter what! And I hate to be very outspoken. I will get behind a cause – especially if its a worthy cause – but I normally like to blog, and hope some readers find me, and leave comments. But being the shy girl that I am (gosh I was so shy in high school!) I don’t like to be “Out There” all of the time.



Because I blog and that what bloggers do – find other bloggers.

What Blogging Has Taught Me:-

Blogging has taught me more about my style of writing, who I am, who I am not, what I want to do online, who I want to connect with and why I take the time out of my day to get on here! Finding time to blog is not always easy – but I make the time.

Finding my Blogging Voice is not easy – its something that I am working on every time I blog.

Finding my blogging style is getting better. I love to write – but I want to make sure that my style reflects who I am.

I do not want to be one of those bloggers who is negative all of the time, but then again I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who are super over the type too positive. Because lets face it – life sometimes is not a bed of roses. Sometimes we have good days, and sometimes we have s**t days. That is life.

If there is one thing that Blogging has taught me – that is I need to learn more about what makes a successful blog. Because baby this blog is not going anywhere – and I do want to be making more from this blog! More than I am making now :)

Have You Connected With Our Other Blog?

We have another blog – which is taking off faster than I thought possible! Its a family blog – where I share from the heart our journey to a New Life on the Road - one where we pack up everything and decide to hit the road. Well we are living in our Motorhome – just not on the road as yet!

I am finding my way online with our main blog. We are getting good responses with email companies and asking for sponsors/passes to tourist attractions. But its a slow journey. Many companies don’t understand the benefit that they will get with us providing a review in exchange for products/passes/attractions! Be good when they do get it….they will have an increase in business and we get to follow our passion of travelling with our family.

Blogging Has Taught me so much – every day I am learning more and more about myself. I look forward to learning more and more as time goes on!

What Do You Like About Blogging?



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