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Think Yourself Rich

There are a lot of ways to get rich, and stay rich. Wonder which way you have tried? There is Internet Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Stock Market, Real Estate, Buy/Rent Schemes, Online/Offline Businesses…the list goes on. Have you ever stopped what you are doing, and had a thought about a easier way? What about Think Yourself Rich?

Is There Such A Thing As Think Yourself Rich?

Think Yourself RichAfter reading all the books that I could read in the last three years on wealth creation, inspiration, motivational and wealth creation I was starting to wonder if there was such a thing as Think Yourself Rich. I have never given up on my dream of success, and my goals. There are a lot of goals that I have for my family, and I was amazed this morning when I found my goal book…I have actually achieved a fair bit in the last three years and did not even realise it! Goes to show what can happen when there is WHY bigger then myself and when I started to think a different way. Do you have a dream?

This morning I created a message for a great friend who I have never meet in person, but who I have connected with online and who has touched my heart…here are my thoughts for how you can Think Yourself Rich!

YouTube Preview Image

What Has That All Got To Do With Blogging?

Think Yourself RichUnless you start to think a different way, and start to ask smarter questions, you will live your life everyday the same. Actually you will keep living your life like you have unless you can see what you really want your life to be! You have to be clear on your end results, and you need to be very careful with what you ask for because it will come true. You need to find your passion!

Did you know that your mind can not see the words “No”, “Dont”, “Stop”, “Never”. “Not”…or any other words that are in a negative frame. So its no wonder our kids never listen to us when we say “NO, Dont Do That”….all they hear is DO THAT ! How is that for finally cracking the codes to childrens thinking! And it only took me 14 years to finally work that :) So sorry my gorgeous boys that I should have realised that all I needed to say was “Please Come Here” !!

Since I Have Discovered Enlightenment Thinkers

Ever since I have discovered a different way of looking at our life, and our life choices I have seen so many huge differences in my personal life and my business life. So image that – I could have stopped the search for success three years ago if I had only taking on the attitude of Think Yourself Rich! Do you want to know more about how you can change your life? Change your success? You could then also change how you live! Imagine that….waking up one day and you are living your dream! Contact me below and I am happy to chat more on you can Think Yourself Rich. Stay tuned…as there are many new ideas about to explode here – ideas which are going to help YOU!



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  1. Hey Lisa,
    It does seem that we all just get caught up in the daily grind of life and forget to dream, after countless failures you start believing that you will never achieve what you set out to do. Thanks for the positive outlook and I look forward to finding out what these ‘new ideas’ are.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Jody,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Life is amazing when you do believe and think a diffferent way :) Get yourself a copy of the book – The Secrets of Perfect Living!


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