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The Importance Of Link Building SEO | Learn How To Blog Site

The Importance Of Link Building SEO

There are many ways to rank your site, and move on up in the google spots so that you are at the top and at #1. Which lets all face it – that is where we all want to be! Did you know that the number 1 spot on google is where the big dollars are, followed closely by google #2 and google #3 spot. If you are not ranking on the first page of google for your keywords then you are not really in the business of making money online. There are many ways to move your site into #1 on google, with the importance of Link Building SEO and techniques its very easy to be there!

The Importance Of Link Building SEO

Link Building SEOIts only really stared to sink in how important Link Building SEO (search engine optimization) is for a blog or website. I thought that blogging would be enough to connect with other bloggers, and following blogs plus commenting on their site would do the trick. But in the last year I have learnt about Internet Marketing from one of Australia’s best Internet Marketers and I have slowly put into place all that I have learnt so that The Importance Of Link Building SEO is starting to show in my results.

The Best Advantages Of Link Building

Recently I was in contact with another great Internet Marketer who was kind enough to let me know how her site has benefited with Links from being a guest writer at New Life On The Road. Kerry from Parks In And Around Sydney was stunned when she realised that her one guest post at New Life on the Road had more links back to her site then any other blog post. I was amazed to, and it got me thinking about The Importance Of Link Building SEO. Here is her testimonial…..

Link building is an important part of search engine optimisation. I once read the Internet is a popularity contest and I now realise how true this is. It has been proven, the more links you have the better your site will rank, with the search engines. It can be time consuming building links, but it is well worth it in the end. If you want to rank in the first three in Google, you need to put in the time building links.

Earlier this year I was a guest writer on New Life On The Road. They were looking for Road Trip Home Stories. My family had an experience driving home from a holiday at South West Rocks a few years ago and I decided to submit our story. In return we would get a link back to our site.

Recently I went into Google Webmaster Tools, and noticed my post on South West Rocks, had 152 links. I couldn’t believe my eyes that one link back to my site could create so many links. All I did was write a post for New Life On The Road and they linked back to my site.

I have now seen the advantages of getting a link back from a quality site. Links will help your site to rank well. There are a number of ways to build links to your site. Writing a guest post is one strategy to consider when link building”

There are many ways to get good quality links back to your blog site or website. Check back here at Learn How To Blog Site soon as I will reveal my weekly calender of what I do for The Importance Of Link Building SEO! Thanks Kerry for your great testimonial – it means a lot when I get great feedback :)




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  1. Great blog Lisa and very informative. Site ranking is often overlooked as is linking but once you get in the habit of getting it right each time you create a blog, it gets easier! I must say that guest blogging is awesome! It not only helps the site you are blogging for but also helps yours. Win win all round!

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Trish,

      Love the ideas of win/win all around :) Its funny how simple link building can become – and its so easy to help each other out!


  2. Tora says:

    This is all still a bit mind-boggling for me so great to have an article that gives some more insight into this. I also like the link to the other article which is useful!

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Tora,

      Thanks for stopping here and leaving your great feedback. If you ever need a help with SEO and link building then let me Know :)


  3. Kerry Lea says:

    Hi Lisa

    You are welcome. Writing this testimonial has helped me to better understand the importance of link building SEO. To get a better understanding of my sites links, I will make sure I regularly check the Google Webmaster Tools and keep up my link building.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Kerry,

      Thanks for stopping here and for your great testimonial. Sure has made a huge difference with understanding The importance of Link Building SEO.


  4. Harry Lynn says:

    Could not believe this ! This story was posted 19 days ago and no-one had Dugg it until just now !!!! We must use the SBMT more.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Hi Lisa, It was interesting reading about the importance of link building. I’ve never progressed with being/having a guest writer. Perhaps that should be my next step, good thought. Thanks for the post.

  6. Mark Walsh says:

    Informative post, thanks. Interestingly this post came right up top of the SERPS

  7. Thanks for sharing this thoughts, I really have get more ideas to your blogs..thanks for sharing… looking forward for more helpful tips…

  8. Jacob P. says:

    Thanks for the information. link building is really important for SEO marketing and its one strategy that SEO specialist are using. Link building can be done by blogging too, right?


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