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Telstra Mobile Broadband | Learn How To Blog Site

Telstra Mobile Broadband

Telstra Mobile Broadband

So what does Telstra Mobile Broadband Internet connection have to do with Learn How To Blog Site? Well its really simple….its like this. If you are traveling around Australia and are on the road then you need to have Mobile Broadband Internet and unfortunately Telstra is the only provider that can offer the range of services (connection). There is no way that you can blog without the Internet.

Telstra Mobile Broadband Internet

Internet connection while travelingLast week we received a warning from Telstra via our Telstra Mobile Broadband Internet Connection “My Messages” service. It was to inform us that we had reached our 12 GB and was going to go over our “Casual Plan” that we had with Telstra. Now that is not an issue if you are on a fixed plan with Telstra Mobile Broadband Internet, but if you are the Casual Plan like we are then they start charging an arm and a leg for every little bit of usage that you do go over. I am not one to complain about a service, but when the service provider does not state there terms and conditions then I like to know why?

Telstra Mobile Casual Plan

Broadband Internet ConnectionsSo we decided that while we travel on the road with our family, running our blogs along the way, that we would only sign up for the Telstra Mobile Broadband casual plan so that we do not get stuck in a fixed 24 month plan. Why? Well its simple – Once our Motorhome is completed we plan to install and use Satellite. Until then we thought that we could run our five blogs with Telstra Mobile Broadband and all would be easy!!! Little did we realise. The wonderful sales rep in the Telstra shop (not mentioning any names here!) from a certain shopping centre did not inform us of what happens when we reach our 100% of the 12GB per month. And no there is no other Casual Plan that offers more than 12 GB!!

Over Exceed, Over Priced

So last month we received a HUGE bill for our Telstra Mobile Broadband. Our casual plan only normally cost us $79.00 for the month which is reasonable. The sales rep “forgot” to inform us that once we over reach our allowances that they charge something like 5 cents for every 1000 mega bite (or something along those lines!) So you can imagine the surprise when we received a bill for nearly $300.00 !!! Now its not the money that is the issue – is the forgotten details that has gotten us upset. Why did the guy at the Telstra Shop (from Morayfield shopping centre!) forget to mention this slight detail?

Ringing Telstra Mobile Broadband Is  A Waste Of Time

Thinking About Mobile Broadband?So hubby jumps onto the phone and rings Telstra Mobile Broadband to ask about the crazy huge bill we received and what was going on!! To be told that we had only gone over by 3- 4 GB for that period of time but because we were on a casual plan they could charge us the extra amount. Luckily for Telstra I was not on the phone! So thinking we had it all sorted David headed into Telstra shop in town and discussed with the sales rep how we could purchase another Telstra Mobile Broadband Internet casual plan.

When You Think Its All Sorted!

Learn How To Blog SiteSo we are super excited because Dave comes home and we have another 5GB Casual Plan Telstra Mobile Broadband Internet connection! Well we thought it was all sorted…..but because the great Telstra sales Rep (in Telstra Bundaberg) thought he would do us a “Good Deed” and put the two casual plans onto one bill – and not the separate bills that we wanted!!!…..we did not have the full usuage of the new 5 GB TelstraMobile Broadband connection. Our Internet Connection does not start its month to month until the 11thof each month….so we only had about 2GB of Telstra Mobile Broadband available!

Back On The Phone To Telstra Mobile Broadband

Again hubby is back on the phone to the Telstra Mobile Broadband. Three different departments, two different phone numbers to call and two hours later we get told “There is nothing that we can do about your situation because you did not purchase a separate Telstra Mobile Broadband USB key” (or whatever those devices are called!!) “Sorry but you should have put it onto separate bills”……lucky for Telstra I am not on the bill and the Telstra Mobile Broadband is not in my name!!! Other wise they would have had a peace of my mind :)

Nothing Can Be Done But Wait

So the story of the Telstra Mobile Broadband ends……with us not having any Internet Connection for up to six days unless we wanted a HUGE bill again. Which is not about the money – its about Telstra Terms and Conditions and their “small print”. So if you are traveling on the road and running your blogs….be very aware of what your usage is! If there was another company who could provide the coverage like Telstra Mobile Broadband can then we would have jumped over to them. Until then we are stuck with Telstra Mobile Broadband and have to watch our “My Messages” box every-time I log on!

Gotta Love Telstra Mobile Broadband – Not!


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