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Learn To Take Time Out

It has now become really important for Time-Out from life. From Blogging and fron online world. Learn To Take Time Out is now high on my to do list :)

Learning To Relax

I put all of my eggs into one basket and forget to have fun, do you do that to? I guess because I am a Mum, a full-time blogger, and homeschooling while we travel that I am spread far (and too thinly!). I am now making March my month to take time out and relax doing things that make me feel better.

The other day I looked at our boys Ripstik and I was determined to learn how to ride. It is not something that I thought about – I just was determined to give it a go and before I knew it I was able to stand up and ride it.

Of course I still cant work out how to stand on it and start without holding onto a pole/table. But I am having fun…every-time I go out to put the washing on the line, or take it off, I am jumping onto the Ripstik for a few laps around the tables. The balancing act, and the movements take a lot of self control. Its a fine art – staying up right, moving forward and turning corners.

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Popular Blog What Makes A Blog Stand Out?

What makes a blog and how come some blogs are more Popular than others? There are so many fantastic blogs online, many that I love to follow and read. But what makes a Popular Blog?

What Makes Your Blog Stand Out!

Its amazing how some blogs are so popular, and others do not have any followers or comments. So why is that? I have been absent from here for some time - only because I am searching within to work out what I want to do with all of my blogs. I have far too many, and not enough time. If only I could have more hours in the day…then I got to thinking - what can I do to improve my traffic to each blog yet cut my time spent on each one.

Your Personal Style

What makes your blog popular is your personal style. Something that I have always lacked – I have no style. No fashion sense what so ever. Either in my personal life or online world. I sux at fashion. Always have, always will. Looks like that has followed over into my blogging world.

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I Am So Very Sorry And So Very Grateful

I need to explain what happened in the last month. Gosh where does the time go to? The last few years have seem to fly by! Far too quickly….its crazy but I am sure that time goes by quicker when you are older – or is it just me?

I Am So Very Sorry

For not being here at Learn How To Blog Site. My site was gone for a month over the Christmas period. For some reason I forgot all about the payment that was due for our site, and then I couldn’t find the payment details, and then when I did the email address that I had to contact the wonderful company was not working! It was a setting fault within their updates – once the GoMedia team returned to work they had it all sorted.

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How To Make Yourself More Confident

Want To Grow Your Blog With More Confidence? Click here to visit ProBlogger. -If you want to grow yourself with more confidence- you need your own copy of “31 Days To Build A Better Blog” (see the hi-lighted words…click on them!)

Growing your confidence online is something that takes time. Its a bit like a baby learning to walk. At first your baby gets up and takes a few steps, they might stumble and fall down, then they get up and try again. Blogging is a bit like that!

How to Make Yourself More Confident

So you have an idea about what you want to write about and you get all fired up with excitement – ready to share your passions or dreams. There are ways to make sure you are more confident within your words, within your blog site and with your blog url link. It a matter of working out what you want from your site.

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Moms Blogging

Lately I have come across some really good blogs. With really good themes, and really topics. Its funny but for three years I did not know what to blog about, or where to start blogging. Yet since I have started to connect with like minded bloggers I have found Moms Blogging on topics that I can so relate to! The topics are so what I love, what I talk about, and what I could easily blog about. So why did I never think to set up a blog about my family?

Moms Blogging

Moms BloggingThere is a huge influence happening across Australia and America. Its where big bloggers (who have a HUGE following) are getting rewarded by the big brands for their blogs. Its not the business blogs, or the Internet Marketing blogs who are in the lime light – its the every day blogs that are taking over. Moms Blogging about their life, their day to day living, their children, what they are doing, and who they are connecting with – they are the big time blogs. I have even heard of one blogger who was asked by a car dealership to drive a brand new car, as long as she blogged about it and did a vlog while driving in and around Sydney.

The Big Companies Are Taking Notice

The bigger brand companies are taking notice of the Moms Blogging sites and are connecting with them. If only I had started blogging about “Raising Five Boys and Trying To Stay Sane” back when I started wondering what to blog about…..wonder which big brand company would have been interested in my Mommy Blog? I am so lucky that with my blogs that I do have a good sized following, a great community of bloggers where we connect online and even do group writing projects together. They are almost like my second family, my friends and my lifeline when I need it!

What Type Of Mommy Blogs Do I Follow?

Moms Blogging about families

Moms Blogging is now so popular. I have found so many blogs that are written from Moms. Every day I connect with another one. There are a few favorites, who I go and check on regularly. The Moms that write from the heart, who share their family life and who are generous enough to connect back with our blogs. They are my favorite – here is a short list of the ones that I do follow (I am so sorry I could not include everyone…if I did the list would never end!)

Mothers Love Letters – http://mothersloveletters.com/

The three li’l Princesses – http://threelilprincesses.com/

Mojito Mother – http://www.mojitomother.com/

5 little Reasons – http://www.fivelittlereasons.com/

My Little Drummer boys – http://mylittledrummerboys.blogspot.com/

The Sphors are Mulitplying – http://thespohrsaremultiplying.com/

Home Schooling Mama Lusi  – http://homeschoolingmamalusi.blogspot.com/

Like I said – if I included all the Mommy Blogs that I read the list would go on and on! If I added the list of Travelling Blogs that I read I would have over 100 blogs here! Maybe one day I will have to share the list of all the blogs I do follow…but then that list would be massive :)

Why Follow Moms Blogging Sites?

Connecting with other Mummy Bloggers

Why do I follow so many Moms Blogging Sites? Well its like this – I am a Mum to five boys, and I am learning in so many ways how to be a parent to our boys. What better way to connect with many others Mothers that are online, and going through the same thing that I am going through? Parenting is not always easy – there are decisions that need to be made when certain circumstances arise and asking for advice or any hints/tips means that I can have access to many different ideas.  I also like to know that I can connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere! Like I said – its almost like a second community of like minded people out there waiting to support our family, and we can support them.



Do you follow any Moms Blogging sites? Are you willing to share them?




This is part of a group writing project where other bloggers wrote about the topic “Blogging” – to connect with these amazing bloggers here is the list!

Jackie with Build a blog Now – Can You Really Make Money Out of Blogging

Janet with Dinner In Ten Minutes – Food Blogging

Jenny with Learn to Blog – Make Money Blogging

Kerry with Parks in Sydney – Blogging about Sydney Parks

Cade with Aussie Internet Marketer – Make Money Blogging in 7 Easy Steps

Rita with Total Travel Experience – Blogging About Travel

Rita with 7 Minute Workout – What is Blogging

Tania with Tania Shipman – Why Blogging

Do You Have A Dream?

Are you fully awake in life, or are you walking around asleep? Do You Have A Dream? What about when you were younger and you were allowed to day dream? Did you forget about what you used to say as young child when you were with your friends?…..”When I grow up I want to be…..” (put there what you have always wanted to be)

Do You Have A Dream For Your Life?

Have you got caught up in life – you know the one…the 9am to 5pm J.O.B. that keeps you chained to the same day in day out boring life where you have to make money to pay the bills. There is no time for fun, there is no money to take time out of life. Is that what you used to dream about when you were younger?

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