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More From Digital Parents Conference

Yesterday I wrote (finally) about What Did I Learn From Digital Parents Conference, with the promise that I would continue today! I have been so busy trying to keep the kids cool…and stopping them from being in each others faces…by sitting at the pool nearly all day – yet a promise is a promise.

More From Digital Parents Conference

As soon as Working With Brands talk was finished there was Blog To Business. I so wanted to hear the “writing workshop” and the “Blog Coaching Boost” sections but I couldnt spilt myself in two! I reckon that there needs to be a way to hear all of the talks from the day :)

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What Did I Learn From Digital Parents Conference 2012

This is so long over due…after attending the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne I have been full on with my life and moving north! Actually David (hubby) forgot to tell me, or was that he kept it a secret, to the actually date of when we were leaving the Sunshine Coast until the day before we were due to leave!

Digital Parents Conference 2012

It was my first time to Digital Parents Conference 2012, and I so hope it will not be my last time! I loved every minute – from meeting new bloggers that I am now following, to meeting up face2face with bloggers that I have been following but have never meet before. If you are a blogger than you so need to get a ticket to next year event (not yet as they are yet to organise next year event!)

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What The Hell Do I Know About Blogging

I have been blogging for three years (not with this blog) but with many blogs. So what the hell do I know about blogging? Over the last year I have learnt more about blogging than I thought would ever be possible.

Learning About Blogging

Everyday I learn something new about Blogging. From SEO, to how to get more comments, to connecting with like minded people and to finding my Blogging Brand Voice.

Since I have worked out what I want to write about, and since I have worked out how to ask exactly for what I want things have changed with my blogs.

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Being Grateful For This Blog

 I am so very grateful.

The other day I was at the beach and the park, watching my boys have lots of fun. It got me to thinking about all that I have in my life, and all that keeps coming our way. Being Grateful for this Blog is high up on my list of all that I love in my life.

Sharing a little bit of sunshine….

For the Sun coming out yesterday.

For one of our sons cleaning the front half of our Motorhome and making the lounges look good.

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What Blogging Has Taught Me

Blogging is like a game. You either roll with the punches, or you give up and get off line. Lately I have seen some blogs (read some blogs!) where I have thought “What The Hell Are They Writing That S**t For?) and I have stopped reading some blogs – plus I have found more blogs.

What Blogging Has Taught Me!

Blogging Is Like A Best Friend – You Have to Love It No Matter What

Blogging is not for the faint hearted. If you put in the hard yards, and you take the time to know what you want from your blog then you will succeed and stay online. But if you think that you can put up your blog one day, and be making money the very next day, then you are in for a huge shock!

You Have Got To Have Balls

There is no two ways about it – you must have balls to stay online! Something that I am working on every day – not having balls – but being tough enough to keep on going. It’s a mindset thing – you will soon work out that your head starts to play games with you! Funny how they say school exams are hard – I reckon that is a piece of cake compared to the Blogging World.

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Same Sentence Different Meaning

There are many meanings to the words that are written on paper, online, in texts, in emails and even in conversation. English language is a funny language to try to learn. Did you know that the French Language is the easiest language to study?

Same Sentence Different Meaning

The Internet is a funny world….it can either be very supportive or very harsh. I have seen both sides since I started blogging and I have to say that I prefer the Supportive Side in the blogging world.

I have also been on both sides – again I prefer the supportive side!

Did you know that words do not show your body language nor can you say what you really mean…as something that you write can be totally mis-understood in such a big way!

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