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Internet Marketing Workshop

Are you a Internet Marketer but need to know more about blogging? Or do you know enough but still need to know how to take it that next step so that you are very successful? If so then Learn How To Blog Site wants to share with you a Internet Marketing Workshop. It is coming up in June and will be two full days of getting to know more about blogging, making money, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing….and lots more – too much to list!

Internet Marketing Workshop

Internet Marketing WorkshopThe details are easy – the steps are easy to follow but unless you know what you are talking about, and know how to apply the steps then you are kinda like floating in a deep sea without a vessel. So what am I talking about? Good question!! I am talking about Blogging and Internet Marketing techniques taught by an Internet Marketing Coach. If you do not have the secret formula then you are left out at sea without a boat, a life jacket and no way of getting back to shore. What if I could share a program that does work? Would you be interested in joining myself and about 200 like minded people in one room for two days?

Here is how you can attend the Internet Marketing Workshop

 YouTube Preview Image

Did you watch the vlog? If so then you know how you can spend a weekend in early June down at the Goldcoast. Now all you need is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program so that you can join all of us at the Internet Marketing Workshop. Are you wondering who will be hosting the whole weekend? Will let me tell you – its the number one Aussie Internet Marketer….the one and only!!! (drum roll please) The weekend will be hosted by the creator of Affiliate Marketing Mastery program – Sean Rasmussen.

During The Internet Marketing Workshop

Internet Marketing Sean RasmussenDuring the two days you will be taught skills (as they happen live) so that within no time you will be blogging. If you are not new to blogging then you will also easily fit into the weekend as Sean Rasmussen will also cover topics for the advance Internet Marketer. It will be a weekend to remember – a room full of like minded people who all have one thing in common….to make money from the Internet. After all that is what Internet Marketing is all about. If you are interested then use the link above, or even click right here right now so that you can be in the room.

Remember Free Services

Everyone likes to get something for free! So once you have joined the Internet Marketing Program, and you have your confirmation email from Sean Rasmussen then you need to let me know. There are two reasons why you need to stop back at Learn How To Blog Site.

  1. Once you join Internet Marketing Program, I need to know you will be there at the Internet Marketing Workshop so I can look out for you and say hello :)
  2.  Another reason - so that you can receive your free six months coaching calls from me!

Getting Super Excited!

The weekend is not far away and I sure am getting super excited!! David (my hubby) and I went to the last Internet Marketing Workshop last year at the Gold Coast with Sean and his amazing wife Cherie (plus their boys) and we learnt so much. We learnt more about Internet Marketing in one weekend then we could learn in one year!

Will I see you at the Internet Marketing Workshop/Bootcamp in June?



Internet Marketing Coach

Have you thought about why you are not making money with your blogs or website? It sounds so easy with a bit of common sense but did you know that it takes the influence of an Internet Marketing Coach to assist you with making money?

Internet Marketing Coach Sean Rasmussen

See Through the eyes of Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketing CoachThere is nothing like following the footsteps of those that have walked the walk, talked the talk and carved a path for those that believe. If you have a blog, but you are wondering why you are not making money then you need to work out what you are doing, and change. Change what you are doing, and you will change your results. What if I could say that I was like you a few years back? Had no idea what I was doing with my blogs nor how to set up my blog so that I could rank my site. That has all changed since I have been following Internet Marketing Coach Sean Rasmussen.

Sean Rasmussen Common Sense Formula

Sean Rasmussen is the number one Internet Marketing Coach for Australia. I challenge you to show me any other Affiliate Marketer who could top Sean Rasmussen! There is no one that over delivers the way Sean Rasmussen does and can with all of his programs. I am biased because I am a Year Of The Affiliate Marketing Mastery member, and a member of Learn How To Blog Program. Now I am also a Brozne member of the Common Sense Formula…….soon to be a Silver member. Once again I am proud to be an Internet Marketing Coach and part of Sean Rasmussens Internet Marketing Programs.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Internet Marketing Coach


How Can You Become Part Of The Team?

So are you wondering how you can be part of Sean Rasmussen Common Sense Formula? Its really easy and the best bit its free! If you want to upgrade from a Bronze Membership to a Silver Membership then once again its free……But only free for Internet Marketing Coach team members. You do need to be a full member of Sean Rasmussen Affiliate Marketing Mastery!

Luckily for you I have a way that you can get inside news of his Silver Membership which is not even released yet!!!  It makes common sense to use this link and gain full access to Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Again you are very fortunate as I am also offering Free Coaching Calls for six months once you are a member of Learn How To Blog Program. What is in it for you?


Here are 9 reasons why you need Learn How To Blog Program!

  • A copy of the Learn How to Blog Manual – everything you need, to go from an absolute beginner to a seasoned blogger.
  • Your own website installed and setup for you.
  • 12 months free website hosting.
  • 12 months free domain name registration.
  • 12 months of free technical ticket support.
  • Access to a vast range of blog themes and plugins so you can customise your website to your liking.
  • Complimentary listing in our exclusive blog directory.
  • Access to a vast range of step by step easy to follow video tutorials.
  • 3 months dedicated forum support to get you started!

Inside knowledge from Internet Marketing CoachYou will also have access to a forum for assistance with any questions you have over setting up your free blog. That is where knowing a Internet Marketing Coach makes all the difference to your success. Its about knowing that another Aussie has created a program that does work, which will lead you to success. It really is about common sense so that you are able to make money.  Are you waiting for a change to happen?

Doesnt it make sense to be part of a Internet Marketing Coach program? Of course it does! All you need to know about Affilate Marketing can be found in Sean Rasmussen Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program. Why waste time online not knowing what you are doing when you can be guided with step by step videos from Internet Marketing Coach!




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