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Blogging Tips To Save You Time

Blogging Online can take your time but there are many ways you could take short cuts! So that your time is free once more to do what you love – be it spending quality time with family or quality time with friends.

Do What You Love With Less Hours

If you have a limited amount of time then you need to work out how to make your blogging easier for you!

Maybe you are a blogging Mum, or maybe you work in a office or whatever your life is about. You are limited with your time and need to work online easier/faster and still stay sane!

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Facebook Fanpages Its All About How You Speak

Forgive me every one because what I am about to say comes from the heart and from something that I watched on Facebook yesterday. To say that it got me upset was an understatement. I was hurting for what I could see was happening. When you are Facebook, and its your Fanpage – where you put you and your family out there – its personal. What happened yesterday didn’t have to happen. It could have been avoided. With Facebook Fanpages Its All About How You Speak that makes the difference.

Facebook Fanpages Kindness

Facebook Fanpages Its All About How You Speak

It takes a lot to get me mad. After all I am Mum to five boys, so I do need to have a lot of patience. But when I get upset, then watch out. I will say my 2 cents worth, speaking from the heart, and then I let it be. That is my way of who I am and what I do. I let it out, then I let it go. So yesterday (late last night) I said my 2 cents worth – and then the comments continued back and forth. It was not my Facebook Fanpages. It was not my story to tell, so this information today at Learn How to blog Site is not about the story, not about the content and not about who is right, who is wrong. Its about what happened and what shouldn’t have happened.

Its All About How You Speak.

After I said my 2 cents worth, and said my thoughts, I stayed away from the FanPage. I was not hanging around for a slinging match. That was not what I was after. What I wanted for the family fan page (the one where it was happening) was for it to all stop. Everyone was getting away from the situation and what happened. Everyone was forgetting about the families feelings, and was trying to prove who was right who was wrong.

It got me to thinking.

It got me mad.

When I get mad – I write from the Heart. I write like I talk. Sometimes that works for me, other times my point of view doesn’t come out like I want.

The Point I What To Make

What I want you all to know is that in our life, and on our personal Facebook Fan Pages we share a lot of what is happening in and around our life.

This is not about who is right.

This is not about who is wrong.

This is about how to treat another family that is travelling around Australia. Now I think this is where I am either going to loose you as my reader, or where you are going to keep on reading, and then give me what for.

But lets get something straight.

Lets get something sorted.

Facebook Fanpages Its All About How You Speak

With a computer you cant see each others face. You cant see each others arms, hands, and body language. That is when it will (can) all come undone. That is where either our point gets across and after its said and done, all is good. Or (like sometimes in my case) you say one thing but mean another. That is where either you can get to “Speak” what you want to say, without hurting another persons feelings, or you can say something and it goes terribly wrong.

Late Last Night I Watched It All Unfold

The famiy that shared their experience, shared from the heart. They spoke about what happened in their life.

They wanted to let us know what was going in their life.

They didn’t know what type of words were going to come back to them.

They didn’t need to have a back lash of words directed back to them.

I am not saying that you cant speak your mind, or say what you think.

I am not saying that you are right or you are wrong.

I am not saying don’t speak your own mind.

What I am trying to say is that on someones Facebook Fanpage, show that you care about that person, say what you need to say but say it with kindness. At the end of the day we all make mistakes. We are stuff up.

That is life – shit no one is perfect.

But is it the “Australian Way” to put someone down?

Is it the “Australian Way” to have a go at someone?

Not last time I looked into it.

The Situation got out of hand last night. It has continued onto today.

Why Should it keep on going?

I am not for or against anyone. I am not taking anyone’s side.

The point I want to get here is with “Facebook Fanpages Its All About The Way You Speak“…you cant see each others faces. You cant see each others Body Language. You cant see what the other person is going through. BUT you can read each others words. Remember what you say cant be deleted, because its already read out loud. Remember that you are writing on another persons Facebook Fanpage.

It is personal.

It is personal because you are speaking to another person on that fanpage.

Is there Rules and Regulations for Facebook Way of Speaking?

No Idea..but there should be.

After all – its that the “Australian Way” – caring about another family, and showing that you care?

What Are Your Thoughts About Facebook Fanpages Its All About How You Speak?


PS – Sorry to my loyal readers – but I had to get this off my chest. I will be doing a updated blog about Pro-Blogger asap :)


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