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Starting A Blog | Learn How To Blog Site

Starting A Blog

When you start with Internet Marketing and looking around it can be so confusing….do you start with eBay, websites, google, wordpress, free blog platforms, squidoo lens, hubpages, livejournal, weebly, blogger or pay someone to set up your site? Did you know that if you do go with a Web Designer to set up your website you will be paying through the roof, and every time you want something done they will charge you more money! What if Starting A Blog was that easy you could do it yourself?

Learn How To Blog

Starting A Blog Right Now!

Sure you probably thinking that I am one of those Internet Marketers who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, and make it sound like that its so easy!! Will I am here to tell you that anything in life is easy, IF you know what you are doing and why you are doing the steps set out before you. No its not a quick rich scheme – it will take work on your part to be successful. Like that saying “You can take a Horse to water but it is up to the horse if it drinks”. Well that applies here…I can put you in touch with all the skills you need to Starting A Blog, and I can even give you free one on one coaching calls for six months BUT I can not make you successful. If you want to be Successful then you need to find your why, your how and your when.

Pointing You In The Right Direction

So you have come to Learn How To Blog Site, and you are reading all about Starting A Blog. Whats next…you are probably asking yourself? Well here are the steps you need to take to Starting A Blog

  • Find your passion
  • Write down your why – keep it handy because you will need it later on
  • Follow a program that works
  • Trust yourself – if you believe you will succeed you will. If you believe you will fail you will!
  • Join the Facebook fan page Learn How To Blog Site to ask for any hints/tips and to share your blog
  • Go with a subject you know well, but use keywords that the general viewers are searching for so that your blog is not lost in google!
  • Once you have joined Learn How To Blog Program access the forum….its almost like a second family and will give you all the support you need for Starting A blog
  • Put into place SEO techniques that do work, and watch for your results….getting your blog into number one will give you an income
  • Search for other blogs with the same subject and comment on those blogs – make sure you leave your website details when commenting so that your blog is getting the back links it needs!
  • Keep going – never ever give up – giving up is not an option.
YouTube Preview Image

Finding A Mentor

For success to find you, and you to find success you need to find a Mentor. Going alone will take longer, and you will likely give up. Why? Well because if you are alone trying to make it on the Internet its a very lonely path. But with a Mentor who has paved the path before you, making the mistakes (for you) along the way….you are able to spread your wings a lot faster and move your blog forward with skill knowing that you will succeed and have the back up needed for Starting A Blog. What are you waiting for? I could keep on blogging about what I do know that works (and what does not work) or you could decide to be that horse that drinks from the water and grabs your vital information for Starting A Blog! If you are ready to make 2011 your year then do not wait a moment more….contact Lisa via the contact page after you have purchased your Learn How To Blog Program. (or click on the image above to join)!


Remember its up to YOU with what you want from life.

Lisa Wood.

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  1. John Davis says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Video`s are a smart way to stay connected to your reader`s. Then they know there is actually a real person on the other side of the blog.


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