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Rank Your Site | Learn How To Blog Site

Rank Your Site

There are a lot of blog online and more added each day. Actually if you go to Google and type in “How Many Blogs Online” the search engines will take you to Wikipedia where it stats “As of 16th February 2011 there were over 156 million public blogs in existence” Now I don’t know about you but that is a lot of blogs!

History Of Blogs

Blogging JournalActually it is really interesting to read the history of how blogging came about. It was not originally called blogging. The first words associated with blogging was “Weblog” back in 1997.  It was not until 1999 that the word was shorted to “Blog” or “Blogs”.  The blog came about because people wanted to keep an online diary, or a running conversation where others could read, and then leave a comment.

Its very rare for a blog not to have a section for someone to leave a comment, with a link back to their own blog! I could go on and on about the history of blogs but I will leave that for another blog post!

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

How To Rank Your Site

There are ways and means to rank your site but it does take time. There are many programs where you can provide your blog/website link and they will send it many other directories in one hit. I strongly recommend you DO NOT submit your site to these companies. Google will not appreciate you gaining too many links all in one day and will either push your site down the rankings or hide it all together. Slowly listing your site to Blog Directories is the smarter way to ensure you gather back links.

Here is a brief outline of how to rank your site:-

  • Relevance. If you write content on your site that relates to your topic then google will smile down on you and help to rank your site. For example – write about “Book Summaries” if that is what your title is in your blog address. If you name your blog “How To Look After Puppy Dogs” but all of your articles are about cats then you will be confusing your readers and google.
  • Keep your back links on the same topic as yours. So if you are looking at blog sites to comment on (which I will talk more about on another post) then look for the same topic as your blog/website. Eg:- Find “Healthy Hints and Tips” to comment on if your blog/website is about “Healthy Hints and Tips”
  • Include images, videos, key words that relate to your topic. Google has billions and billions of sites to index so if you include an image into each post with key words added to that post then you are assisting google to let them know what your subject is in each blog/blog post.
  • Keep your blogs fresh. Did you know that Google is crawling the net for fresh content? It used to be every three months that Google would check for fresh content but no days google can search your blog/website within minutes of you posting an new article. I would recommend you blog at least once a week to keep your site up to date.
  • Speed. With the latest technology google has improved their search engines. Did you test this out recently? Try typing a word into “Google Search Bar” but only include a few of the letters of the word you are searching for? Google now has a program called “Google Instant” so you do not have to write out a whole word to find your answer. This means that you need to keep up with the latest trends online!

These are only 5 Tips on how to improve your Blog/Website to help with ranking. There are many more tricks and tools that I use to rank all of my five blogs online.

Are you wondering How I know what to do to rank my site? Good.

How important would it be for you to rank your site? Really important if you want sales!

Isn’t it reassuring to know that you too could learn about Blogging and important Search Engine Optimization techniques to take your blog from way down the rankings into number one google position?

Here is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery that I used and learnt from to Rank all five of my sites! I am making money from blogging…..can I ask you a question?

Are You Making Money From Blogging? Are you getting any sales from your blog? Do you want to Learn How To Blog?


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  1. Lina Nguyen says:

    Hi Lisa

    Thanks for those tips! Very handy for every blogger to know!


    • Learntoblog says:

      Thanks for stopping by here Lina :) Glad the tips are helpful when learning how to rank a site!


  2. Learning how to rank you site in the search engines for free is a major part of internet marketing. Thanks for these tips you use.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Jackie,

      Its always a good thing – ranking a site for free!! Love the internet world – especially once I started following Sean Rasmussen program and putting into places all the steps that help a site to rank.


  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for the tips, google does seem to be paying more attention to fresh and relevamt content these days, it helps to be in a training program that keeps you up to date with online affairs.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Sean,

      Sure does help to be in a training program that shows you step by step what to do and how to make money on the internet!!!

      Love Blogging, Love knowing what my passion is and how to make money :)


  4. Hilary says:

    Thanks Lisa for the great tips on how to rank your site. If you follow the steps you’ve laid out, and have a reputable teacher, you are sure to do well :) .

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Hilary,
      Thanks for stopping by here at Learn How To blog site. Its a matter on follow a successful person and trying not to change the formula !!


  5. Hello,
    How can I increase my sites rank and when show my site link on google search page?

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Mehedi,

      You need to have good quality back links. Google will rank your site but you have to wait for them – you can not ask them to review your site! Once you have been blogging for some time and you do have the SEO techniques sorted then your blog will start to climb the ranks.


  6. You need to have good quality back links. Google will rank your site but you have to wait for them – you can not ask them to review your site! Once you have been blogging for some time and you do have the SEO techniques sorted then your blog will start to climb the ranks.

  7. I liked your video about getting out and having a break from the computer, I do that so I can clear my head as I find that I work better. Your tips on how to improve your ranking were great, I am slowly learning how to improve my ranking using search engine optimisation, your right there are lots of ways to do this and one step at a time is a good way to do it.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Keith,

      Thanks for stopping by here and the great connection. I love getting out and about, it clears the head and leads to more ideas! Glad you liked the vlog and the information on how to Rank Your Site :)



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