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Popular Blog What Makes A Blog Stand Out?

What makes a blog and how come some blogs are more Popular than others? There are so many fantastic blogs online, many that I love to follow and read. But what makes a Popular Blog?

What Makes Your Blog Stand Out!

Its amazing how some blogs are so popular, and others do not have any followers or comments. So why is that? I have been absent from here for some time - only because I am searching within to work out what I want to do with all of my blogs. I have far too many, and not enough time. If only I could have more hours in the day…then I got to thinking - what can I do to improve my traffic to each blog yet cut my time spent on each one.

Your Personal Style

What makes your blog popular is your personal style. Something that I have always lacked – I have no style. No fashion sense what so ever. Either in my personal life or online world. I sux at fashion. Always have, always will. Looks like that has followed over into my blogging world.

Popular Blog What makes a blog stand out?

Dreaming about this blog being popular!!

What am I talking about?

Well its very simple – to be very popular online you need to find your blogging voice. Then you need to work out how you “Speak” online. The popular blogs speak from the heart. They do not hold back. Some of them are really blunt – like they are there in person shouting out what they think.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Some Blogs Are Popular

1.  The writer has no fear of writing what he/she thinks.

2.  The blogger writes the blog post, and hits publish. No going back and editing what they have written – it is what it is.

3.  Their own personal style flows from their off line to their online. If they swear in real life, then they swear online.

4.  The blogger will connect with other readers through their style of writing – if they write about their day to day yucky life then they connect with others who can relate. If they write about their day to day hi-lights then they connect with others who have had the same positive hi-lights.

5. They are not afraid of their success. They connect with other bloggers in the same niche on twitter and facebook – and support each other no matter what.

6.  The popular bloggers have lots of loyal readers, who leave their comment love! They have a massive amount of comments on every blog post.

7.  Companies/Brands will work with the popular blogs, giving them products to review and give away! Big Brand Companies realise how much influence popular bloggers have online, so they are willing to work with them.

Popular Blogs online

Live Life Like No One Is Watching ~

Dreaming of Being Popular?

Which all means – that if your want a popular blog online, you need to find your true inner voice. Be who you are, and connect with others online. Connect through Twitter, Facebook and other online Media. Find your niche and be the popular one that everyone turns to!

Do You Have A Popular Blog Online?




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