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More Information About Problogger Event in Melbourne | Learn How To Blog Site

More Information About ProBlogger Event In Melbourne

When I got back from the Problogger event I was super excited and shared a lot of what I learnt. There was so much to take in! I loved every minute of the day, and cant wait for the next ProBlogger event. For the moment I want to share More Information About ProBlogger Event in Melbourne.

The Problogger Event Takes Your Blog To The Next Level

More information about Problogger Event in melbourne

Problogger Event in Melbourne

For you to understand what I am talking about you will need to read Education in Melbourne, where I share a lot of what I have learnt from all of the speakers that spoke on the day. The most incredible hi-light of my day, was meeting bloggers that I do know, and listening to the bloggers speak about their passion and their style of how they blog!

Big Brands Listen To Bloggers who speak from the Heart, but Blog Smarter!

Problogger event in Melbourne

Problogger Key Speakers!

Do you know how many times I heard the saying “Blog from the heart, but Blog Smarter”? I lost count of the times that the saying was mentioned…..but it was so true. It was proven again and again with many of the bloggers in the room. There was big brand companies sitting in the audience who was taking notice of us bloggers. Silly me didn’t take advantage and network! But I did take lots of notes, and listened to all of the bloggers who were successful. Next time Problogger is on I would love to be one of the guest speakers who shares our New Life on the Road Blog (story!)

Did You Know How To Get Paid For Blogging?

I was blown away by how many bloggers were getting paid to blog, and how many sponsors were paying the big bucks to the bloggers who had a lot of followers. What was the difference between my blog and those blogs? Nothing! Zip! Not a single thing was different about my blog, your blog, the bigger bloggers. And I am not talking about “Bigger Bloggers” as in the size of the blogger! I am talking about the bigger bloggers who have 100,000 hits per month!

I was blown away by those numbers….a blogging site having 100,000 readers per month???

Can You Guess Who Has 100,000 visitors per month?

Let me give you some hints…..

Its a blogger who does not show her face

Its a blogger who writes from the heart

Its a blogger who has no idea on how to set up a site, and is trying to work out how to have a design that is easy on the eyes but has no idea on how to do it.

Its a blogger who blogs with passion but blogs smarter

Its a blogger who writes about what she didn’t like about herself.

Its a blogger who gives good quality content, and has targeted her readers

Its a blogger who has an ebook for sale on her niche!

So have you guessed yet? No…then you will have to keep on reading because I will reveal the secret soon!

What About A Blogger Who Has Branded Herself?

This particular blogger is making a full time income and she has a site that is set up around what she knows, what she loves, and what she can write about with good quality content. She has a media kit, which outlines her fees for her services. She has a site set up that is branded in one area, is based on her location, and is about what she knows! Again she is blogging smarter…..She will not blog for free. She will not take on charity cases (free blogs!)!

She will not do work unless she is paid upfront. She even gets paid a set fee for gives aways! How does that sound? The companies give her the product for free, pay her to blog about the free gift and she also has the gift given to her readers who win it as well :)

Are you interested in finding out who I am talking about this time?

That’s good! Keep on reading….

Another Blogger, Another Topic

There was also another blogger who was on the panel. She talked about being a “personal blogger” – she blogs about her family. She has no idea about “SEO – Search Engine Optimization” or SAO’s as she thought! She also doesnt spend a lot of time blogging because she is a stay at home Mum. Yet Coles contacts her for sponsor blog posts. Yet she has a huge following. Why is she so successful online? Because she has a story to tell, she writes from the heart – yet she writes smarter!!

Blogging about Problogger

Blogging wherever and whenever we can :)

How Easy Does That Sound?

Its sounds easy. But is blogging really that easy? No Way!

Us bloggers blog when we can.

We blog wherever we can.

We blog in and around our family, our life and our commitments. What makes these bloggers any better then you or I? That’s easy – they have a niche. They have a “Brand” or an “Image”. They speak from the heart. They have found a problem, and they have the solution.

So I guess I should reveal who I have been talking about?

Are you really that interested?

OK – here goes :)

Problogger Event in Melbourne

All You Need Is To Dream Big!

The First Case Study I was sharing – blogs about her hair. Her blog is called Hair Romance. That is all she blogs about! Her hair and how to style your hair in the same way. There is the problem and the solution in one blog- how to have gorgeous hair just like the blogger! Do you know she never even used to like her hair! How crazy is that :)

The Second Case Study that I was sharing – blogs about Fashion. That is her blog – all about the fashion in Melbourne. Her blog is called “Lady Melbourne” and to see her Media Kit you can read more about that right now! – Make sure you go over to Lady Melbourne Derby Day at Flemington post and check out all of her amazing photos from the day….Stunning!

The Third Case Stud that I was sharing – blogs about the mundane things in her life. She blogs about her family. She blogs like she speaks, and her style is unique.Her blog is Mrs Woog!

So has that given you an insight on what you need to do with your blog?



PS – Do You Have Any More Questions About Problogger Event In Melbourne?


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  1. What a fantastic review of the ProBlogger Melbourne Event, Lisa!
    Awesome work!
    I’m so glad you got so much out of it :)

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Lina,

      It sure was a lotta of fun!! Loved the event :)
      What did you get from the problogger event….be interested to find out!


  2. Wilson says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Wow. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the event. Blogging as a job sounds like fun. I never knew that blogging was so successful. I’ve heard about people doing blogging as a job but never knew it was to this extent. Thanks for the interesting read!


    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Wilson,

      It blows your mind what people can do with their blogs, and how much money they can make!! Love knowing that blogging rocks :)


  3. Hi Lisa,

    Definitely fascinated to hear who the mysterious blogger who reaches 100 000 people per month! I will keep reading!

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Sean,

      It was the best event I have ever been to…it really opened up my eyes to what is possible with blogging!!



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