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More From Digital Parents Conference | Learn How To Blog Site

More From Digital Parents Conference

Yesterday I wrote (finally) about What Did I Learn From Digital Parents Conference, with the promise that I would continue today! I have been so busy trying to keep the kids cool…and stopping them from being in each others faces…by sitting at the pool nearly all day – yet a promise is a promise.

More From Digital Parents Conference

As soon as Working With Brands talk was finished there was Blog To Business. I so wanted to hear the “writing workshop” and the “Blog Coaching Boost” sections but I couldnt spilt myself in two! I reckon that there needs to be a way to hear all of the talks from the day :)

More Information from Working With Brands

Here is the More From Digital Parents Conference:-

  • Have a media kit ready
  • Work out your traffic numbers
  • Work out why you want to work with the big brand company
  • what services you are offering
  • What your reach is going to be – who your reader are and where they are coming from
  • Preferred form of communication – email or phone
  • what is your main influence on your site
  • what makes your blog unique
  • have testimonials
  • value exchanges between the company, you and your readers
  • pitch an idea (which I have already given you an example in the first Digital Parents post)
  • be careful with your readers – make sure you write to your readers like you normally do so that they will still want to read your posts
  • find your tone of your blog
  • make sure its relevant/and still entertaining
  • wrap up in a package so that the brands will want to work with you!

Digital Parents

 Love The View From St Kilda ~

Staying at the Novotel

Blog To Business Was Straight after Working With Brands

There was no time to relax, pens were ready and I was all ears…as it was now the topic “Blog to Business” – where Nikki Parkinson from “Styling You” was the Moderator and on the panel was Renee Mayne from “Bra Queen“, Laney Galligan from “Crash Test Mummy” and  Emma Ashton from “Reality Ravings“. I so wanted to hear this section from Digital Parents Conference as I knew that all of the women were sharing powerful information!

Here is The Run Down From Looking Over My Notes:-

  • Work at your blog to make it a business
  • ideas come from attending conferences
  • online marketing brand
  • What customers doing/where they are hanging out…find out who your customers are and where they are!
  • Do you have skills that you can market as a business?
  • Work out how much money you need to be making online
  • be clear with your plans and move forward
  • Work out why your customers will buy from you
  • Let them know who you are
  • Get them to subscribe to your email marketing list
  • Sign up to newsletter, so that they can also sign up to your newsletter
  • find your core values
  • work out what you are selling
  • do old fashioned Press Releases
  • Create Relationships with others
  • Network with people you know
  • Get on twitter and connect with like minded people
  • Pitch free lance articles
  • Spread your blog around
  • Be careful with Social Media time – it waste too much time!
  • Find a product that you can promote
  • treat it as a business
  • seek out professional advice in the area of business that are your strong points
  • Find Jobs from your blog – writing jobs etc
  • Claim your living, travelling, internet, computer on tax with an ABN number
  • Register your trade mark
  • Charge the amount for your services that you will be comfortable chargingEating in St Kilda


Mr Natural Pizza Bar ~

Found a Pizza Place at St Kilda that Was All Natural!

There was so much to learn from Blog To Business, and it sure has opened my eyes to what is possible when one thinks and treat it like a business. The Digtial Parents Conference ended with “My Blog, My Story” which was a great way to end the day….but I had to leave before the bloggers were finished as I had to rush off to the airport.

I did hear from a few bloggers – and it was so good to hear about their reasons of why they blog, what they blog about and their stories!

My all time favorite from the few that I did hear from was Clint from “Reservoir Dad” – talk about funny…the kinda funny where you are laughing so much that you are falling off your chair (almost), and nearly peeing yourself funny!!!

More From Digital Parents Conference Was Only A Little Slice Of What Went Down That Day!

Make Sure You Get To The Next Year Event…It will take your blogging to the next level.

Did You Like The Idea Of Taking Your Blog To A Business?



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