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Money Sense

If you already know who I am then you could easily skip the next few lines, and get to the important information about Internet Marketing, Blogging and Money Sense. But if you are new to here then I would like to take a few moments to let you all know who I am….

Common Sense Formula

Money Sense Formula

My name is Lisa, and together with my husband we have five boys! Yep you read it correctly – five boys :) Since we have been on a quest for more out of life, and more from life we have had an amazing journey. Our journey started about four years ago when I looked around our lifestyle, our family home and thought “There has to be more than this from life”. Not sure if you have ever got to that stage where you started to ask the same question, but I was there and I was asking! I wanted more from life, and I wanted a different way of living. I wanted a program that showed me step by step how to move our life forward and make money! I also wanted my husband home from work so that our boys got to have their Dad involved in their up bringing. I wanted Money Sense Formula to show us how that was possible.

Fast Forward Three Years Later

After wasting a lot of money – $14,000 on a website, $5000 on a internet program (that I no longer use or touch!), $5000 on a Real Estate Program which David has looked at more then me, and Davids trading programs..(I would rather not list how much we spent on those!) I am here to say that we could have saved ourselves at least $30.000 searching for a way to make our life different, and to give our boys a better way of living. All I needed was the Afflilate Marketing Mastery and Money Sense Formula, with step by step videos on how to make a income online with blogging and Internet Marketing and I would have saved four years of my life (search time) and lots of money :)

Instant Income Not

The Woody FamilyThis is to let you know right here right now that its not an instant income. You need to take action. You need to watch each video that shows you what to do, and you need to find your passion. You need to do keyword reasearch and you need to go the distance. Please dont purchase the Common Sense Formula, and then tell me you expected not to put in the work, but expected to replace your income within a months time. I have been blogging for three years. In that time I have seen so many other Internet Marketers come and go. What was the difference between them and me? NOTHING. The only thing different was I believed in the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program, I studied every video I could get my hands on, and I kept going.

Money Sense Idea

The Money Sense Idea is from a Aussie Internet Marketer who knew that he had to make it work. He had to make his Internet Marketing Program work for his family to live. Its that simple – find your why. Ask the question “How Can I Make A Money Sense Idea…” and do your homework. Rome wasnt built in a day, but it was built! If you are after more information or want to know more about Money Sense then leave a comment below, or ideally click on the hi-lighted words “Common Sense Formula” – see how you can really live life!



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  1. Harry Lynn says:

    G’day Lisa,
    You touched a nerve with me as you told of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you’d spent. All I can say is ME TOO !!!!
    Dugg, Stumbled, Pinged and Hellotxted

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I too have spent over $50000 on educational programs hoping to “get rich quick” which is what is promised, but thank you for letting people know it actually takes a lot of time and effort from them to suceed. It will definately happen for them if they just don’t give up.

  3. Belinda says:

    Cade and I have to spent our fair share of money on different on-line programs over the last 4 years. We felt the same way, there has to be another way to make money without being tied to a 9 to 5 job that you don’t particulary enjoy, we wanted freedom and to be able to sack our bosses. We did learn little bits from each course, good and bad, but the one Internet Marketer that has made a huge difference to us is, Sean Rasmussen. Although we are not quite there yet, we feel we have the tools, knowledge and committment required to achieve our goals.


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