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Moms Blogging

Lately I have come across some really good blogs. With really good themes, and really topics. Its funny but for three years I did not know what to blog about, or where to start blogging. Yet since I have started to connect with like minded bloggers I have found Moms Blogging on topics that I can so relate to! The topics are so what I love, what I talk about, and what I could easily blog about. So why did I never think to set up a blog about my family?

Moms Blogging

Moms BloggingThere is a huge influence happening across Australia and America. Its where big bloggers (who have a HUGE following) are getting rewarded by the big brands for their blogs. Its not the business blogs, or the Internet Marketing blogs who are in the lime light – its the every day blogs that are taking over. Moms Blogging about their life, their day to day living, their children, what they are doing, and who they are connecting with – they are the big time blogs. I have even heard of one blogger who was asked by a car dealership to drive a brand new car, as long as she blogged about it and did a vlog while driving in and around Sydney.

The Big Companies Are Taking Notice

The bigger brand companies are taking notice of the Moms Blogging sites and are connecting with them. If only I had started blogging about “Raising Five Boys and Trying To Stay Sane” back when I started wondering what to blog about…..wonder which big brand company would have been interested in my Mommy Blog? I am so lucky that with my blogs that I do have a good sized following, a great community of bloggers where we connect online and even do group writing projects together. They are almost like my second family, my friends and my lifeline when I need it!

What Type Of Mommy Blogs Do I Follow?

Moms Blogging about families

Moms Blogging is now so popular. I have found so many blogs that are written from Moms. Every day I connect with another one. There are a few favorites, who I go and check on regularly. The Moms that write from the heart, who share their family life and who are generous enough to connect back with our blogs. They are my favorite – here is a short list of the ones that I do follow (I am so sorry I could not include everyone…if I did the list would never end!)

Mothers Love Letters – http://mothersloveletters.com/

The three li’l Princesses – http://threelilprincesses.com/

Mojito Mother – http://www.mojitomother.com/

5 little Reasons – http://www.fivelittlereasons.com/

My Little Drummer boys – http://mylittledrummerboys.blogspot.com/

The Sphors are Mulitplying – http://thespohrsaremultiplying.com/

Home Schooling Mama Lusi  – http://homeschoolingmamalusi.blogspot.com/

Like I said – if I included all the Mommy Blogs that I read the list would go on and on! If I added the list of Travelling Blogs that I read I would have over 100 blogs here! Maybe one day I will have to share the list of all the blogs I do follow…but then that list would be massive :)

Why Follow Moms Blogging Sites?

Connecting with other Mummy Bloggers

Why do I follow so many Moms Blogging Sites? Well its like this – I am a Mum to five boys, and I am learning in so many ways how to be a parent to our boys. What better way to connect with many others Mothers that are online, and going through the same thing that I am going through? Parenting is not always easy – there are decisions that need to be made when certain circumstances arise and asking for advice or any hints/tips means that I can have access to many different ideas.  I also like to know that I can connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere! Like I said – its almost like a second community of like minded people out there waiting to support our family, and we can support them.



Do you follow any Moms Blogging sites? Are you willing to share them?




This is part of a group writing project where other bloggers wrote about the topic “Blogging” – to connect with these amazing bloggers here is the list!

Jackie with Build a blog Now – Can You Really Make Money Out of Blogging

Janet with Dinner In Ten Minutes – Food Blogging

Jenny with Learn to Blog – Make Money Blogging

Kerry with Parks in Sydney – Blogging about Sydney Parks

Cade with Aussie Internet Marketer – Make Money Blogging in 7 Easy Steps

Rita with Total Travel Experience – Blogging About Travel

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  1. Cade says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I think blogging about your family is one of the greatest topics mums could blog about, and it would be great way to connect with like-minded mums too. I’m sure Belinda will join the mummy blogging club in a few months time ;-)


    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Cade,

      That would be so good – reading about your new baby in a Mummy Blog! Its amazing how many families are blogging online – and so good to connect with them :)


  2. Great topic Lisa and one that’s been in the news a lot lately.
    Moms today are turning more and more to the internet to find out things from other moms …and, like you say, it’s also a great place to make connections with like-minded people.
    Great post.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Jan,

      Its such a great way for Moms to get together when ever they have time, and where ever they are! Sure is great to help them so they dont feel alone :)

      Moms blogging rocks!

  3. Moms around the world are definately becoming active bloggers. I love following the everyday lives of some of the families out there and its really interesting to know whatever country you live in, we all have similar problems when raising our children.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Jackie,

      there seems to be more and more Moms Blogging online – its so good to know that we are not alone when online and off line :)


  4. Kerry Lea says:

    It is great to see mums are out there blogging and connecting with each other and that companies are taking notice. I am reading a book at the moment and one multi-national company their website team have a program called listening for leads. They have seekers who listen to conversatiions and determine whether there is a potential sales opportunity, it is all so fascinating.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Kerry,

      It is so good to see so many blogs online where Moms are helping each other. I like the sound of your book that you are reading!


  5. Rita Pepper says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Having Mum’s blogging gives new Mums some where else to find an answer to just about anything and that has to make things easier for all Mums today.
    How I wish I had something like the internet when I was a young mum, I know there are a lot of things I would have done differently.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Rita,

      I so wished I had the internet when my boys were babies – like you said “I would have done things differently” as well !!


  6. Jenny Locke says:

    I think it is fantatic that Moms can share their experiences and even if you live in a geographically isolated loaction you can still be part of a group and alleviate the feeling of isolation. Moms together can always have a good laugh about the happpenings withing the family and that is a winning situation for everyone.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Jenny,

      It sure makes a difference for all of us Moms can relate to what is going on with each other – and help us to support each other :)

      Gotta love the internet.


  7. Hi Lisa

    I’m so thrilled for you that you’ve been able to connect and engage with moms blogging, and mums blogging!

    Being a mother is such a privilege, and to be able to share it with others, makes it even more special, through the good and the bad times.

    I really am so grateful that you linked to me and that I am one of the bloggers you follow. Thank you so much for your support. Cheers, to all of us!


    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Lina,

      It is so true – being a Mum is special, and being able to blog about is fantastic. I am so grateful that you share your gorgeous family in such a great way with Mothers Love Letters :)


  8. Lusi says:

    Hi there Lisa!
    Thanks for the mention :-) Am glad to read you enjoy my blog (although I must confess posts have been few and far between right now!)
    Cheers :-)
    Lusi x

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Lusi,

      Your gorgeous style on your blog is amazing! Love your way of making your house a home, and reading your journey about your children.



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