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Learn to Take Time Out | Learn How To Blog Site

Learn To Take Time Out

It has now become really important for Time-Out from life. From Blogging and fron online world. Learn To Take Time Out is now high on my to do list :)

Learning To Relax

I put all of my eggs into one basket and forget to have fun, do you do that to? I guess because I am a Mum, a full-time blogger, and homeschooling while we travel that I am spread far (and too thinly!). I am now making March my month to take time out and relax doing things that make me feel better.

The other day I looked at our boys Ripstik and I was determined to learn how to ride. It is not something that I thought about – I just was determined to give it a go and before I knew it I was able to stand up and ride it.

Of course I still cant work out how to stand on it and start without holding onto a pole/table. But I am having fun…every-time I go out to put the washing on the line, or take it off, I am jumping onto the Ripstik for a few laps around the tables. The balancing act, and the movements take a lot of self control. Its a fine art – staying up right, moving forward and turning corners.

Learning to ride a ripstik

Learning a New Skill ~

Riding a Ripstik around the tables!

What does that have to do with blogging?

Well it is so much like blogging ~ you have to learn how to stand up – you have to learn the ropes of blogging.

If you want to succeed with riding a ripstik you have to practice and learn the moves.

Same with blogging ~ you have to want to keep blogging because it will take time – and commitment.

The Rewards Of Sticking Around

Lately we have been getting a lot of rewards for sticking around online. Not in money, but in gifts – passes – book reviews and personal development reviews!

We have also been asking for the universe to provide, and the powers that be have listened.

Its amazing how much can happen and change with a mindset change. We are ready to move on from where we are staying, so we have been getting our bus ready for the journey. Davids boss has replaced him at work – so its a matter of looking for a new place/new adventure. Its way past our due date for getting on outta here.

learn to take time out

Watched this lady bettle the other day!

Was so nice to sit and watch this gorgeous animal!

Have You Asked and Received?

What about taking time out of your life to have fun….have you done that lately? Or do you need to Learn how to Take Time Out?

Take Time Out of your life is vital for inner health as well as personal health, plus mental health. If you spend too much time doing business and not pleasure then you will be burnt out. Its time to relax and chill out…

Here are 7 Ideas To Get You Started:-

  1. Grab a book – grab a chair, a big cold drink and sit for at least 30 minutes without anyone interrupting you!
  2. Book a night with your other half. Have a date night where its just the two of you.
  3. Turn off the computer – switch off the mobile phone, and forget about the online world….take time out.
  4. Have an early night – sleep is so important. Jump into bed and get as much rest as possible.
  5. Ring a friend – and arrange to meet up for coffee/cake – taking time out with a friend is a great way to rest
  6. Escape for a weekend. Pack up – leave the mobile phone at home, Go for that weekend getaway and remember to spoil yourself.
  7. Have a DVD night – its a great way to give yourself time to relax and it will also give you blogging ideas!

Can You Learn To Take Time Out?

I think so but I am asking you…..what do you do for much needed R and R so that when you come back to the blogging world you have heaps of ideas?



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