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How To Tell Your Ready For A Paid Blog | Learn How To Blog Site

How To Tell Your Ready For A Paid Blog

When I started blogging (over four years ago) I had no idea what I was doing. First I started with Blogger and then moved over to a free wordpress blog. Once I started blogging with UWC Blog it soon become clear that I had outgrown the free blog platform

How To Tell Your Ready For A Paid Blog

Actually I didn’t realise that I was that far advanced for a Paid blog. Joining Sean Rasmussen Forum and receiving lots of support, guidance and honest feedback lead them to suggesting that instead of a free blog I should register my domain name and pay for hosting.

It was so good to practice with a free blog as I was able to make mistakes, learn from them, and move on without wasting money!

I have never been so scared in all of my life – I did not realise that I was ready to take the next step – and if I was honest I didn’t want to take such a big jump on over.

Move your blog to hostgator

Dream Bigger ~

 Pay for a domain name and use hostgator!

It was almost like I was letting down my free blogs, and it was sad to say goodbye. Yet I knew that to turn my hobby into a full time job I had to take that flying leap. Instead of moving my blog posts over from wordpress and UWC blog I left them all there and re-directed my traffic over with a goodbye blog post.

Saying Goodbye To Free Blogs – Hello To A Paid Blog

For the first few weeks I felt sad that my free blogs were sitting there without any current data being added. But soon my paid blog sites felt like home. I was amazed with how much I did learn from the Year of the Affiliate program and how much knowledge I had picked up along the way…..I am still learning something new everyday!

how to tell your ready for a paid blog

Here are 7 Tell Tale Signs To Tell Your Ready For A Paid Blog:-

1.  You have blogging down so pact that you can blog within 20 minutes

2.  You have a big following of like minded community members

3.  Your free blog is too broad – with too many subjects yet not enough directions.

4.  You start to realise what your readers are interested in reading, so you can focus on a few topics, with more in-depth information shared.

5.  You want to make money from your blogs with Google adsense or paid advertisement.

6.  You have an idea on how to use Google Keyword Tool Tracker to pick out “Good Traffic Keywords”

7.  Your passion is one that others also have so you know that you can easily blog about it!

Taking the job on over to a paid blog site is not an easy step, but one that will make it worth while in the long run!

Learn How To Blog

Are You Ready For A Paid Blog?



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  1. Free blogs are for those who just wanna share, and paid blogs are those who wanna earn income. I think it’s better to get paid rather than just share… My friend has been benefiting from it since she started a paid blog. Many advertisers actually hire her for her good job.

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