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How To Set Up A Blog | Learn How To Blog Site

How To Set Up A Blog

So you want to blog but you are not sure where to go or How To Set Up A Blog? If you read the last post here at Learn How To Blog Site you would of read how I talked about Blogging For Money…..so to continue I am sharing How To Set Up A Blog!

Learn How To Blog

How To Set Up A Blog For Free

I prefer to set up a Blog For Free to practise with – that way you can experiment and play around with a blog and learn the ins and outs without paying too much money for a site. There are many different websites for business and you would be surprised with how much money that the companies are wasting…paying someone to build a website when all you really need is a blog. Actually Blogs look more professional than most websites and are far friendlier to use in the Dashboard!

Here Is How To Set Up A Blog

Find Out Here How To Set Up A blogLets have a look at WordPress.com – I have many different blogs and prefer to use WordPress. Its so easy once you know how!! After you choose your subject, and you have researched the keywords that attract the most traffic,  its time to come up with a blog name. If you are writing about “Children” then its best to have your Blog name based around Children…for example http://childrenclothesonline.wordpress.com – if you keep your Blog name in-line with your topic and closer to the “http://” then google will prefer your website/blog over wordpress blog whose chosen name is further away from the “http://”. There are many blogs out there that do not even have their “Subject” in their web address – its amazing to think that these companies are forking out thousands of dollars and they are not even set up right!

10 Easy Steps With How To Set Up A blog

  1. Go to WordPress.com and click on ‘Sign Up Now” which is an orange button located on the right hand side of the wordpress page
  2. The next screen page will ask you to enter your “Blog Address” – this is where you need to be very careful with your spelling of your words and make sure you choose the correct “Blog Name” because this step can never be changed.
  3. On the same page you need to enter a “User-name” – this can be your name, a name you will remember or even your “Blog Address Name” – its totally up to your personal choice. Remember whatever you do choose as your User-name that you write it down somewhere safe or keep it on a WordDoc as a “Password” page so that you will have somewhere to go back to next time you log in.
  4. The next step will be to set up a password. Try to use a password that you can remember but not is that easy for anyone to guess because you do not want anyone to access your “Dashboard” section of your blog. Again keep your password safe in a “Password Book” or “Password Doc”
  5. Once you have typed in your password it will ask for you to “Confirm” your password. It also has an indicator on the right hand side that will let you know if your password is “Strong”…..try to use words and numbers as this will make your password really strong.
  6. The last step to setting up your blog is type in an email address. If you need a new email address for your new How To Set Up A Blog then set up one with gmail as it is free and you can also again use your “Blog Address” title in your gmail – eg:- childrenclothes@gmail.com
  7. You will receive an email in your gmail account that needs to be activated. You will need to click on the link provided from WordPress to access your new free blog. The email will have instructions of what you need to do next to have your blog “Live” – you have a few days grace to click on the link. If you do not click on the link to activate your wordpress blog then after seven days that “Blog Address” becomes available for anyone that choose that name/subject!
  8. After you activate your new blog you will need to log in to wordpress with your “Username” and “Password” – remember I told you in step 3 to write it down or to safe it in a Word Doc? That is why – you need to be able to log in each time you want to access your new blog with your username and password.
  9. When you log in your will be provided a link that is only yours for logging in. Example – childrenclothesonline.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ – copy and paste this link then save it in your “Password Doc” for anytime you want to access your blog site or even “Bookmark” this page online for next time you need to log in!
  10. Last step for How To Set Up A Blog is to choose an “Appearance”. On the left hand side of your “Dashboard” towards the bottom is a section that is called “Appearance”. Click on the name and will be taken to “Manage Themes” – there you will have over 100 different “Themes” to choose from. You are able to change these “Themes” anytime that you like – so choose one that you do think you will like to start out with…and change anytime that you think your blog site needs a new “Facelift”!!

More To How To Set Up A Blog

There are many more steps after you have set up your “Theme” of your blog that I will discuss next time with How To Set Up A Blog….I could actually go on and on because I so LOVE wordpress.com! If you have already used WordPress before for blogging and would like to take your blog up one more notch then you can use this link to purchase Learn How To Blog program. It will give you a more professional template to use, with forum support and you will also have access to Our Free Services.

Looking forward to sharing more next time with How To Set Up A Blog!

Lisa Wood.

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  1. Wilson Tiong says:

    A lot people still don’t know they can get the free website (blog) for free in today. In the past we need to hire a programmer to with html expert to create html code and graphic designer to make the good looking website.

    Here, we can set up the website step by step just need a few mouse click and its done. How easy is that.

    Thank you Lisa for sharing this priceless information.

  2. Hey Guys, just set up my first blog of a linkwheel to my wordpress blog yesterday…just wanted to thank you for your training call and for showing me how to set up a blog properly…cheers! :)

  3. Jaimee Maree says:

    I always thought setting up a blog was really hard to do. However with a step by step guide like the Learn How To Blog program it makes it so much easier to learn, and in the end I found out that it’s actually really easy after you’ve done it one. Thanks for the article Lisa. Might go and start myself a new blog…

  4. RSA Brisbane says:

    Hi Lisa,

    That sounds like a great idea, thankyou! I’ll head over to the facebook fan page now and add my link! See you soon!!

  5. fareed khan says:

    Very best tips, setting a blog is not a easy job, it should contain SEO optimized, well designed….


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