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How To Get Traffic To My Blog | Learn How To Blog Site

How To Get More Traffic To My Blog

I was looking for another blog post to write here at Learn How To Blog Site. Fresh Content. Fresh keywords. Fresh Ideas. Do you know how hard it is to find Keywords that relate to blogging, where there are not too many searches per month online so that you can rank your blog in the number one spot on goggle? How To Get More Traffic To My Blog is a keyword that searched for each month, but doesn’t have a high competition so I am going to share hints and tips to help your blog.

How To Get more Traffic To My Blog

How To Get More Traffic To My BlogI could say anything here and you could believe me? Right?

Well what if I said go onto the main highway near where you live, and stand there naked with a cardboard sign with your web (blog) address on it, and wait to see if your traffic increase? Do you think that is going to work! Nope – and neither do I…but what if said there are certain proven techniques that will show you How To Get More Traffic To My Blog and that will take your blog from no visitors to over 1,000 visitors per day. Now how much money would you pay for that?

Not Charging a cent to share my hints and tips.

Why would I do that?

How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Advertise To Get Your Followers

Well its simple….I want Learn How To Blog Site to grow in numbers of visitors per day just like New Life on the Road.com did last month. Our Travelling Blog (New Life on the Road) got over 1,000 visitors in one day, and over 13,000 last month – yes in one month! So lets see if this experiment is going to work….

Sharing How You Can Grow Your Blog Visitors

  • Write from the heart – chose a topic you know, and you are passionate about. Watch your visitor numbers grow


  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Stumble Upon, Linked-In to connect with other like minded bloggers. You can promote their blog and they will soon promote yours.


  • Be a guest blog writer. If you find another blog site that has the same type of information as what you are writing about, then send them an email and ask to be a guest blogger. Make sure you always have your link at the end of the guest blog post.


  • Set up a YouTube Channel and share your passion there!  There are ways on youtube that you can drive your traffic back to your blog site.


  • Brand yourself online. Be the person that everyone wants to follow, and know what you are talking about. There is no such thing as an expert….yeah all of you experts out there – Shot Me Now! But when you are online, Experts always need to  learn something new so how can they class themselves as an expert?


  • Connect with other like minded people. Do writing projects together. I have since discovered a fan page on facebook where they do monthly writing projects. Since joining the writing group my numbers have climbed every single day online. See – you can grow your blog visitors.


  • Promote your self, but make sure you promote everyone around you as well. There is no point in sharing your links if you are not prepared to share every one’s blog links.

If you think all of the above hints and tips are not going to help you – then you could do my first suggestion….stand naked on the nearest highway and see how fast you can get arrested!!! Or if you would like to know more information about How You Can Grow My Blog Visitors (your blog Visitors) you can  find more here for Internet Marketing Coaching. Or even leave your comment below.

Last question for you – How Many Visitors Do You Get To Your Blog?



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  1. Kerry Lea says:

    Hi Lisa

    I know since I started having coaching calls with you my stats have improved. I used to think a good day was around 20 visitors and since the coaching my stats have climbed to 60 and over. Monday I had my busiest day 98 visitors, thanks so much for the help.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Kerry,

      I love hearing about your success, and how well your site is doing! Parks in Sydney is looking so good, and has a lot of useful information :)

      Thanks for the great feedback!


  2. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for the helpful advice in this post. I am about to launch my blog and it’s just great to have this as a reminder of all the things I should be doing. I am looking forward to the day when I have 1,000 visitors in a day too.


    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Great to hear from you – looking forward to reading your blog, and to also seeing your success :)

      Glad that the information is going to help with your blog site.


  3. I don’t think I will stand naked on the highway to build traffic to my blog but your other suggestions on how to get more traffic to my blog are very easy to implement and definately work. Persistence is the key to success with blogging.

    • Learntoblog says:

      HI Jackie,

      That is so true – being online everyday and blogging at least once a week works really well…the key to success is persistence, and having a goal that you can work towards!


  4. Wilson says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Nice joke you have in the beginning. Made me giggle. I totally agree with all the points you have put on the article. Very good information and I really support it. One of the more important points I found there is the one about sharing. It is true that you should promote yourself however you have to help promote others before you yourself will be promoted. You can only get after you’ve given. You cant really expect to get and not give. Sharing is caring and relationship with others is a very powerful tool. Great article. Well done ! Thanks !


    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Wilson,

      So glad that he had a good laugh! How to get more traffic to my blog is about sharing, and caring! Spot on with your comment – give and you do get back :)


  5. There is a lot you can do to get more traffic to your blog – if you are serious about getting your blog out there. Your tips are really great, as they cover everything you need to know.
    The biggest part? Taking the action. Doing one (little) step at a time and being consistent.

    I am off to do some more writing :)

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Renee,

      Sure is good to hear that you are finding the tips useful. Its so true – talking little steps at a time really does work!



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