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How To Build A Professional Website | Learn How To Blog Site

How To Build A Professional Website

There are so many websites on line – some look really good, so good that they must have been done by a professional. Others I come across and I have to shake my head and laugh! They are not set up the right way, nor do they have the dashboard set up correctly to be able to rank their site with google. That is when the person needs to know How To Build A Professional Website.

How To Build A Professional Website

How To Build A Professional websiteSo if you are not into HTML code, and do not have time to learn how to blog program, then you will need to know How To Build A Professional Website…but what if you do not to wait to learn how to build a Professional Website? Then you could spend thousands getting someone to build a sit. There are so many differences in prices, in websites designs and in the quality of work. How will you know that you are getting a website set up that will look professional?

Here are 7 essential Ingredients for a Professional Website

  1. Affiliate Marketing MasteryYou need to have your website or a blog set up in the dashboard with certain settings so that google can find your site
  2. ThereĀ is a list of plug-ins that I believe make the site stand outĀ  from the crowd, without those plug-ins your site is average
  3. You must do your research before starting you site. There is no point writing about a topic that no-one is looking for! Only ever write a blog post with keywords that viewers/visitors are looking for.
  4. After you have your website set up, you need to look at how to get good quality back-links so that your site moves up the ranks.
  5. You need to move your website (blog) into the number one google spot for your search terms. The first three spots on the google pages receive the most clicks.If you are ranking on the second page on google for your search terms then you will be losing all of the traffic!
  6. SEO on page and SEO (search Engine Optimization) off page is really important. If you are not sure what SEO means then here is wikipedia explanation.
  7. Finding a product to promote on your site will make the money. But how can you promote a product that you have your name associated with? That is where a professional Internet Marketer actually purchases the product so that they know with 110% certainty they can put there name to the affiliate product. That is the secret to a professional looking website.

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Building A Website Too Confusing?

Building Wealth With A professional SiteDoes setting up a professional website site seem too confusing for you? Then if you do not want to know How To Set Up A Professional Website why not get one built for your? After hearing about a Professional Website Company that I know will deliver a great looking site I thought I would share with you how you are able to easily have a site set up for you. How do I know that it will be professional, look professional, and rank well with google? That’s easy – I know the person behind the company. That is my recommendation – if I did not believe that the company could set up a professional website then I would not promote his business.

Siren Solutions Company Will Build A Site

So if you are keen to skip the learning process of How To Set Up A Professional Website, and want to have your site set up for you…then contact Siren Solutions Company. Use this link here. Let the company know that Learn How To Blog Site sent you – they will sure look after your needs :)



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  1. Harry Lynn says:

    G’day Lisa,
    Excellently written and for a well deserved person. I also know the CEO of Siren Solutions and agree with you 100% about his abilities. Very Ethical too.
    Done all the SM

  2. Learning how to set up a professional website takes a lot of time and if you want to be online quicker, having someone who knows what they are doing, is definately the way to go.

  3. Kerry Lea says:

    Hi Lisa

    Learning how to build a professional website is so important. It will make all the difference when it comes to Google ranking your site.

  4. Wilson Tiong says:

    Your articles is very informative. Love the seven ingredients for professional website. Very powerful!

  5. Carolyn says:

    You’ve got some good points here Lisa.

    Anyone can blog, but not all blogs look professional. Takes time, patience and knowledge.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Thanks Carolyn,

      I believe anyone can blog, but knowing the right way to blog makes all the difference and does create a professional website!


  6. Terry Paris says:

    Thanks for helpful reminders. Paying attention to the basics is an essential element to successful site.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Thanks Terry for stopping by Learn How To Blog Site. Sure does make all the difference on buiding a professional Website :)


  7. Tegan Hadley says:

    Thanks for the seven essential steps for how to build a professional website. It can definitely be hard but these little guides help make it that bit easier!

  8. Hi Lisa,
    your site is very inspiring and has lot of tips to get my site up on the first page of google, it is now on page 4 and is slowly getting there, I have gone back to basics with some of your tips. Thanks heaps.

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