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How Do I Set Up A Free Wordpress Blog | Learn How To Blog Site

How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog

I get this question so many times “How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog” – where can I go to find out how? Instead of me writing a really long blog post I thought that I would create a video showing you step by step what I do to set up a free wordpress blog!

Easy WordPress Blog Set Up

Here is a video that I have created with How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog information so that you can easily create your own free wordpress blog and write about your passion in next to no time!

Free WordPress BlogSee these words How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog? Then click on those hi-lighted words and set back and relax while I walk you through setting up a post, how to format your blog post, how to add tags, how to choose a category and how to add a new blog post every single time! I have shared many other blogs posts on how to set up a free wordpress blog and shared step by step instructions here on How To Set Up A Free Blog

Want To Know More About How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog?

Do you have any questions you need answering about How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog? Then comment below and I will make another easy to follow step by step video on how you too can be blogging with wordpress! There are many ways to set up a dashboard on a free wordpress blog so I have many more videos to follow.

How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog First Attempt!

I know that the quality of this video is not the greatest and I need to work out how to have a higher quality voice sound so you will have to excuse my first attempt at creating a online video showing you how I set up a blog and what I do with my blog post! So if you are keen to set up your own Free WordPress Blog then use the link provided. Choose a username and password and create a online Diary. Stop back here and share your link and I will be sure to check it out!


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  1. Kerry Lea says:

    Hi Lisa

    Enjoyed your video and learned a couple of new things. Like your advise on using header 3 when the title is too long, never thought of that. Also the advise on right and left justify the post, only heard of this last night. It makes the post look so much better and gives it a professional look, I have updated all my posts with this.

    • Learntoblog says:

      Hello Kerry,

      So glad that you were able to gather some new information to implement into your own blog post!! Brilliant. Is there any other techniques you would like shown in live video? I am going to be doing another one next week with more ideas about blogging.


  2. Harry Lynn says:

    G’day Lisa,
    Beautifully simplified instructions on how to do a free WordPress. Very Nice

  3. Thanks Lisa for your great video on setting up a free wordpress blog. Really helps a lot.

  4. Wilson Tiong says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for creating a video to show us how to create a free blog on WordPress.


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