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How Do I Blog | Learn How To Blog Site

How Do I Blog

If you are wondering what to blog about or wondering why you would blog, then you have come to the right place. I love Blogging, its in my blood. I could easily blog from 24 hours a day 7 days a week. But I really need to get some sleep so I guess I will have to be happy blogging when I am awake ;) But are you wondering “How Do I Blog?”

How Do I Blog About What I Know

Some of the questions I get in my inbox is How Do I Blog, What Do I Blog About, How Do I Blog About What I Know, Why Would I want to Blog, How Much time does Blogging Take, How Do I Set Up A free WordPress Blog, Will anyone read my Blogs?…and the questions keep on coming! I love hearing from my readers, and love opening up my emails to read the questions that they do have…so I hope that I can answer all of your questions here at Learn How To Blog Site with more information about How Do I Blog.

Why Would You Read My Blogs?

How Do I Blog

Thinking About Blogging.

Well I could tell you, its because I am rich and famous, and I know what I am talking about – but then again that would be lying!

I could tell you that I pay everyone that stops to read my blogs…but again that would be lying!

I could tell you that if you stop long enough to read my blogs…..you will become a millionaire!! But Yep – you guessed it! I would be lying!

So seen as how I am a truthful person…and I like to share all I know about blogging I guess I should stick to the facts of what I know.

Here is some ideas on how to get readers to read your blog…..

  • Blog for MoneyWrite from the heart, if you have a subject that you know about, and that you are able to trust, then write from the heart!
  • Set up a blog that is easy on the eyes, full of good photos with information that you can share
  • know you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks, hints and tips so that your blog will show up in the search engines
  • connect with many other like minded bloggers so that they will stop by your blog site and read what you are writing
  • keep your blog to a certain amount of words. I used to limit by words to about 500 per blog post. Lately I have been writing more, and I still have readers – but don’t go over 1000 words as it becomes too long and boring!
  • Write a blog post with a storyline – if you have too much to share in one blog post, spilt it up into part 1 – part 2 – part 3 etc if you are needing to write more on the same subject
  • Connect with other bloggers in a forum, facebook fan page, twitter thread (a thread that talks about your topic) and on many other social media sites
  • become known for your style of writing – are you funny? Then write from the heart (like I said in the first point) with your sense of humor. Are you serious and dead straight – then include that style of writing in your blog post!
  • Try to stay on topic – not always easy – but try any way
  • Write for other blog sites! If you are a guest writer soon people will notice your name everywhere – and will start to look out for your name/topic!

Do You Have Any Questions?

What I am asking from you, my wonderful gorgeous, brave, truthful, beautiful readers (see this is where I need to stay on topic!) is this – I need to know what to write….I want to know what questions you have for me….

Do You Want To Know A Particular Topic About Blogging? Then leave your question below the information that I have shared about How Do I Blog.



PS – To Answer your question on “How Do I Blog” – I blog from the heart. I share what I know. I write about anything that I believe in. I blog about my passion, my life, my interest in the hope that you will also share what you like, what you know, and what you are willing to share. Its that easy!

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Although I have been blogging for a while it is a process that requires constant learning (which I love) so some things I would like to take on with my blog are as follows (lots of ideas for you)

    - E books
    - Podcasts
    - setting up Utube
    - writing guest posts
    - affiliates and how to set them up
    - the differences between pages, posts, and catagories etc
    - how to set up comments so that there is a stepped reply possible
    - comments and how to manage them…phew the same for twitter and fb
    lots more I am slowly working out

    ciao for now
    the other Lisa


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