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Blogging Tips To Save You Time | Learn How To Blog Site

Blogging Tips To Save You Time

Blogging Online can take your time but there are many ways you could take short cuts! So that your time is free once more to do what you love – be it spending quality time with family or quality time with friends.

Do What You Love With Less Hours

If you have a limited amount of time then you need to work out how to make your blogging easier for you!

Maybe you are a blogging Mum, or maybe you work in a office or whatever your life is about. You are limited with your time and need to work online easier/faster and still stay sane!

Blogging tips to save you time

Take the Time To Smell The Roses

Here are some blogging tips to save you time:-

  • Write about what you know so it comes out smoothly and fast (I was able to write this blog post in about 10 minutes while my kids played in the swimming pool!)
  • Ask your readers what they want to know!
  • Write while you are not near the computer. I have started to write (with pen and paper) my blogs while watching my boys have fun playing/swimming and then when I get back home I can add the post to my blog!
  • Take on guest bloggers so that you get a break from blogging.
  • Set regular days for regular posts so that your readers know what to expect.
  • Set a day aside to not blog. Connect with other bloggers by reading their posts and leaving comments! Also connect with their facebook fanpages, twitter pages and share their sites on social media. Share the love!
  • Write one blog post a week with less words – but more powerful message!
  • Take a break - having a break from blogging will give you more inspiration to work with.
  • Keep a list of “titles” that you would like to write about so that you can can write a blog post fast :)
  • Make your Lifestyle simple. The easier your life is, the more time you have for the important things
  • Change your mindset. Once you think a different way you will see how you can blog quicker.
  • Look for inspiration from within. Ask yourself the right questions every day. The right answer will appear. This will then led you to your next blog post!

Dream Bigger

 Give You Self More Time!

There are many more hints and tips on how to blog with less time.

What Is Your Number One Blogging Tip That Saves You Time?



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  1. Sharon says:

    My No. 1 tip is to log out of facebook so I don’t get distracted!

  2. Nice time saving tips Lisa, I try to practice all of that. I just started accepting guest posts and that’s working out very well. On most Thursdays I run a shorter post called Quick Blogging Tips Thursday. That gives me a break on depth and research and, like you said, lets me concentrate on getting to the point and message.

    • Chuck Bartok says:

      I agree about Distraction and and have also found that Writing out My Blog Series strategy has helped. For the past 40 years WRITING in hand has been VERY helpful

      • Learntoblog says:

        Thats amazing that you have been writing for 40 years and love writing in hand! It has helped me to get my blog posts done a lot quicker :)

        Thanks for sharing about your way of writing.


    • Learntoblog says:

      Hi Brian,

      What a great idea – having a blog post with quick blogging tips! Will have to check it out :)


  3. Nhut Le says:

    The post is very interesting. I love the images in the post.

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