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Blogging Inspiration

When you start out writing a blog, what keeps you going? There are lots of blogs online, with lots of blog topics. But what would you do to keep blogging and how does a blogger find inspiration for all of their posts? Recently I took time away from blogging. It was not by choice nor did I want to but I had to. You see I could not think of anything to write, and I was out of luck!  So if one is looking for Blogging Inspiration where do we go to?

Quest For Blogging Inspiration

I love to connect with other people online! Its almost like another family, a community where we can be honest, and know that we will support each other. I love knowing that I can turn on my computer, look for my favorite bloggers and read what they are getting up to! Sometimes other bloggers give me inspiration!  Other times I can give other bloggers inspiration. What keeps a blogger going? Why dont we give up when we are hit by roadblocks? I will discuss that in a minute.

For now I am going to give you a list for Blogging Inspiration!

  • Read magazines. Pick up any magazines and you will find inspirations in the headlineBlogging Inspirations, in the content, in the ads including the front cover and back cover!
  • Read flyers that arrive in your post box – instead of throwing the flyers straight into the bin, check out the information in the flyer.
  • Borrow books from the library. Pick up a book to read, and take at least 5 minutes to read the book. Within five minutes you will find Blogging Inspiration
  • Read your emails. There could be one funny email that captures your attention
  • Talk to friends and find out what is going on in their life. Your friends will have a life that is amazing, and you can easily pick up ideas on what to blog about
  • Look at the time of the year. Is it Easter Time? Then what can you write about at easter time that will relate to the theme and that you also know about?
  • Search for other blogs that relate to the same topic as what you write about. You can then read their information and see if you can write about the same information but in your own words and your own style of writing
  • Read inspiration quotes. I love searching online for inspiration quotes that I can use to give me ideas. There is one particular site called “Inspiration Quotes” which provides self improvement quotes that bloggers could use in blog posts!
  • Listen to Youtube clips from other bloggers. A vlog (a vidoe blog) is a great way to connect with other like minded people and find inspiration online!
  • Search within. What are your passions? What do you love talking about? What do you love to do on the weekends? That is how I usually find what to blog about!

Recently I shared about how easy it would be for me to walk away! I could easily turn off my computer and never turn it on again. But then I have never taken the easy road – ever!!! So I am going to keep blogging, and I am going to make it online. I will follow my heart, and I will be travelling around Australia with my family in style.

Finding InspirationI am a full time blogger and recently became a Blogging Coach. More and More clients are getting in touch with me – the clients are amazing online blogger’s who need a little bit of direction! They keep me accountable, and they help me to stay focused. At the same time I help them to work towards goals! I give them direction, and I show them what they need to do for their blog to be successful – I get paid to talk about my passion….blogging!!!! I love that I can work online and find blogging inspiration in everything that is around me :)

Here is a great inspiration quote that a great friend and blogger shared online recently……….

“I’ve never seen anybody try internet marketing & really stick at it and fail…I have seen a lot of people fail at internet marketing but those are the ones that don’t really try it properly…really commit to it & work a lot of hours figuring things out.”

Thank you Jackie from Cake Decorating Books and Supplies!

That is the secret to stay inspired and to stay focused. Keep blogging and keep writing :)  



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  1. Jenny Locke says:

    Inspirational Lisa. Your commitment to your clients and blogging in general comes shining through your post in bucketloads.

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