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Being Grateful For This Blog | Learn How To Blog Site

Being Grateful For This Blog

 I am so very grateful.

The other day I was at the beach and the park, watching my boys have lots of fun. It got me to thinking about all that I have in my life, and all that keeps coming our way. Being Grateful for this Blog is high up on my list of all that I love in my life.

Sharing a little bit of sunshine….

For the Sun coming out yesterday.

For one of our sons cleaning the front half of our Motorhome and making the lounges look good.

Our motorhome lounges

 One of our boys took the lounge apart ~

dusted it, got everything from underneath ~

and then put it back to look like this!

For getting my washing dried and up to date.

For being kinder to myself and letting go of the things that don’t matter.

For having my blog to write on so that I can connect with other amazing bloggers.

For eating vegetarian dishes and yummy healthy smoothies every morning for breakfast.

For watching my sons enjoy themselves on the beach on Friday.

Being Grateful

Grateful for day at the beach ~

So grateful that we went on Friday while it was still sunny!

For having one of our sons taking to the time to sit and speak with me.

Grateful for having the time to be able to listen.

So very grateful for learning how to ride the ripstik.

For feeling good on the inside.

For letting one of our boys explore his passion – fishing.

For being a Mum to five crazy loud messy boys!

For being married to a man who will do anything for his family.

For living with Less stuff.

For being close enought to drive to the beach to spend the day having fun.

For smiling at the smaller things in life.

For watching the planes coming and going and dreaming of all of the places we could be going to.

For changing my parenting style so that I can enjoy my boys.

For them being happy, smiling and having a good time.

For getting our Motorhome ready to go on the road.

For being able to find my blogging voice.

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For having lots of dreams

For meeting new people.

For having the sun on my face.

For my boys aceepting me (warts and all) for the way I am.

For having dinner with my family every night.

For my older sons phone calls and hearing hime speak with a smile in his voice.

For my sons courage to be adventurous.

Grateful for the time to enjoy our family

Loved our day out on Friday ~

Park, Beach, Fun, Sun, Smiling Boys ~

What more could anyone want?

For having shade to sit in and play with while at the park.

For the wonderful lady who sat and dram one of our sons playing at the monkey bars.

For Sharing my day with you!

What are you grateful for?



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